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Devour won't be getting Android 2.1; Motorola updates other time lines

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, as the Motorola Devour already is listed as end-of-life, but now it officially won't be getting an upgrade to Android 2.1. In happier news, the Backflip is slated for an update in the third quarter, and the Cliq and Cliq XT should see their updates in late Q3/early Q4.

There are a slew of other changes to Motorola's roll-out chart, including the Milestone getting Froyo in the fourth quarter, so check it all out at the source link.

And to offer whatever consolation we can to you poor Devour owners, a present, after the break. [Motorola]

  • Isn't the Devour less than a year old too? Its crazy how fast they are pumping out these phones!
    Still waiting for OG love. =(
  • I think August 22nd qualifies as late summer - come on 2.2 for the Droid X already!
  • I think Big Red should do all of the (5) people who bought the Devour some compensation. The device is less than a year old and it's already "Oops, not supporting it anymore. Enjoy your outdated phone for the next 17 months." That's crap, I'm sorry.
  • In the meantime us Cliq / XT users are waiting (possibly forever, at this point) to get to 2.1, because Moto decided to implement OpenGL before its release. I may be naive, but does 2.1 NEED OpenGL to operate? I understand it may be an 'improvement' or whatnot, but c'mon Moto. Give us 2.1 and THEN improve it. I'd like to be able to use some of the newer stuff Android is supposed to do (Maps navigation, Kindle app, etc) In the meantime, the killing of an update for the Devour sucks, but as said, if it's already end-of-life, sort of makes sense.
  • I'm not surprised in the least. Buy an entry level phone and get entry level support. The phone was'nt free but it was a less expensive option for people who wanted the social networking bloatware. Same idea as the qwerty dumb phones made for texting. It's a function specific phone made to satisfy people who didn't want to pony up the $ for a flagship Android. According to phone scoop, the thing was approved by FCC Dec.2. My guess is it was another device pushed through to make the holiday season and then forgotten about. I seem to remember it came out to Verizon around Feb or so though. Good thing the Verizon rep steered me away from this thing when I was shopping around Apr. It's running a 600Mhz processor so maybe 2.2 is out of the question, but 2.1 should be okay? Hmmm I dunno but I suspect I would be knee deep in rooting this thing and installing custom ROMS if I were stuck with it. Remember, there is always that option. What better a platform than this if it's not being supported. HINT: Keep up on that insurance and go nuts! BTW, don't take it to them unless it's TOTALLY bricked and won't power up LOL... I'm sure people are gonna start crying about this post. LOL
  • Some high end android phones seen lack of support as well, the Dincredible the perfect example doesnt getting froyo yet beside the unofficial leak buggy.....shame of google Vzw and Htc.
  • Screw them, the DInc gets support from UnrEVOked and Cyanogen.
  • Thats ridiculous, I'm going through the same problem with my kids heroes, less than a year old and no more updates,, at least they got 2.1 if the phone are capable of handling the updates, these manufacturer should be obligated to produce them........
  • My cliq xt is trash but i suppose with 2.1 i can sell it to someone who is wanting to test out the Android OS
  • My cliq xt is trash but i suppose with 2.1 i can sell it to someone who is wanting to test out the Android OS
  • milestone under evaluation WTF??
  • If you spent money on the Devour, it was all wasted like Gucci Mane. {{-_-}}
  • No Eris luv? :(
  • Eris is HTC, not Motorola.
  • Eris is long forgotten, amigo.
    Sad, because I considered the Devour but thank my lucky stars for the Droid. Wake me up when wither Gingerbread becomes the main topic or an LTE/GSM Droid pops up, thanks. :)
  • Damn you Megan Fox and your hotness!
  • Where is the Charm? It arrived with 2.1 so not too bad.