Epic 4G update

One of the people "close to the matter" has given us a bit more information about the scheduled update to Froyo for the Sprint Epic 4G.  Besides the lovely picture you see above, we have the text from the instructional page that you'll be seeing tomorrow (March 21) at Sprint's website.  While this may be old hat for many of us, I'm sure that others will benefit, and more evidence that it's coming is always a good thing.  Hit the break for the rest, and remember, the Android Central Epic 4G forums can answer most questions that Sprint doesn't.  Thanks Anonymous!

Software Update to EC05 (Froyo with Sprint ID) - Samsung EPIC 4G (SPHD700BKS)
Steps to update to EC05 (Froyo with Sprint ID) on the Samsung EPIC™ 4G (SPHD700BKS)
Effective Date: 3/21/11
  • A software update to EC05 (Froyo with Sprint ID) will be available beginning Monday, 3/21/11 for the Samsung EPIC 4G via Google OTA.
    • OTA Duration time dependent on current device usage: 10-20 minutes, with installation time of 6-8 minutes.
  • Customers will become eligible for the upgrade across a 4-day period based on their status with the Google servers.
  • Enhancements:
    • Upgrade of the Google OS from Éclair to Froyo (2.2.1)
    • Add Sprint ID functionality
    • Ability to install applications to external storage
    • Improved Bluetooth device support
    • Bluetooth Voice Dialing
    • Flash Player 10.1
    • GPS Enhancements
    • Improved OS performance
  • Fixes
    • Email PIN based authentication
    • User friendly tethering for 3G and 4G
  1. Customer's EPIC 4G will recognize it needs the latest software and may ask the customer to allow the installation and download.

  1. Once download completes the following screen is displayed.

    • If user chooses Install later they will be reminded once or twice a day to install with the above screen or after every reboot.
    • More info displays the following screen.
      • Test screen. Production update will have different wording including description.

  1. If the user selects Restart & install on either screen, EPIC 4G will power down or display the following.

  1. After the Samsung screen, user will see the following as the software is installed.

  1. EPIC 4G will reboot again.
    • It will also check for a modem firmware update and report the update status back to the server with the following screen.

  2. If no update is available, the following screen will get display.
    • No update should be available.

  3. Once up, verify the software was applied.

    • Note: If the software update should fail, user will see a screen that lists the following options:
      • Reboot system now
      • Apply SD Card update
      • Wipe Factory default
      • Wipe Cache
    • Use volume keys to navigate up and down and Home button to select.
      • Reboot system now will reboot EPIC 4G to the previous software version with no data loss