Dell Streak $299 after contract; $549 outright; Aero is $99 on contract

Dell has announced the prices for the much anticipated Streak and Aero Android phones.  The 5-inch Streak will be $299.99 with an eligible two-year AT&T agreement, and $549.99 if bought outright.  It's normal-sized little brother, the Aero, will run you $99.99 with contract, and only $299.99 off contract. 

For the Streak, you will need to sign up for the pre-sale opportunity, which gives you a spot in line, free shipping and a $0.99 cent Plantronics Bluetooth headset.  Those who register will receive a special purchase link sometime on July 27, and if you don't use it before July 28, the deal disappears.  No such deal for the Aero, which will be available at the Dell website on Aug. 9.  [Dell (opens in new tab)]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Hmm, AT&T's coverage, locked out from third party apps (I'm assuming) and 1.6 out of the gate, for $299? Personally, I think the deck is stacked against it.
  • AT&T's coverage? I'm pulling over 4mb/sec down and 1.2mb up on AT&T's "poor coverage" in chicago. Verizon has its weakspots too bud.
  • Agreed. I'm no AT&T fanboy, but please stop bashing it based on stupid iPhone reports or without testing it out for yourselves. It's so annoying to keep talking about a problem that's doesn't even exist (in most markets). Every carrier has their weak spots. At least with AT&T I get to be free to swap my SIM card in a second between by Nexus One, iPhone 3GS, and my Blackberry.
  • Is the Aero still hitting the market sporting 1.5? While the off contract price is quite nice, the hardware hits at a time where it's a borderline low end phone. Having 1.5 (or 1.6 for that matter) would only solidify that notion and keep this thing relegated to the AT&T dust bin.
  • Awesome! Glad to see them coming to AT&T :)
  • Will the side load app from android central work to by pass the dell stuff
  • I would have to say yes as I have never seen an Android phone not support Developer mode. Only other thing to worry about is USB drivers.