We already knew that the Dell Mini 5 'Streak' was gorgeous when we saw it in pictures, it's good to know that it's looking just as amazing in leaked low-res promotional flyers too. The promo flyers are the first advertisements we're seeing for the Dell Mini 5 'Streak', the Android-powered 5-inch device that pulls double duty as a phone. It also confirms some specs: 5 megapixel camera, 5-inch 800x480 screen, and a front facing VGA camera for video chatting. For the creative among us, the Dell Mini 5 will be available in all the colors you'd ever want and can even rock personal designs.

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And even more exciting is the slide that shows a Kindle book reader application appears to be in the works. Will it be Streak-specific, or is Kindle finally coming to Android? Either way, we can't wait to use the Dell Mini 5 'Streak'. Or at least, get a price on this puppy.


[via engadget]