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Dell Mini 5 'Streak' shown in promo flyer, including Kindle support

We already knew that the Dell Mini 5 'Streak' was gorgeous when we saw it in pictures, it's good to know that it's looking just as amazing in leaked low-res promotional flyers too. The promo flyers are the first advertisements we're seeing for the Dell Mini 5 'Streak', the Android-powered 5-inch device that pulls double duty as a phone. It also confirms some specs: 5 megapixel camera, 5-inch 800x480 screen, and a front facing VGA camera for video chatting. For the creative among us, the Dell Mini 5 will be available in all the colors you'd ever want and can even rock personal designs.

And even more exciting is the slide that shows a Kindle book reader application appears to be in the works. Will it be Streak-specific, or is Kindle finally coming to Android? Either way, we can't wait to use the Dell Mini 5 'Streak'. Or at least, get a price on this puppy.

[via engadget]

  • Now Kindle for the Android Market would be a major Coup D'etat for the eReader market as well as the smart phone market. If Sony also added support for their eReader on the Android Market that too would be awesome. Getting support for various eReaders on Android might be one reason for some people to choose an Android Phone over an iPhone. With some large eReaders coming onto the market being run with Android, having these two support packages available would make them a viable purchasing choice to someone that does not want to be tied to either the Sony bookcase or the Kindle one, but want to be able to buy from both and read them on the same machine (as well as download and read all the free public domain books on ePub format). If the Kindle eReader software does get made available for the Android Market this might persuade me to finally get an Android eReader, assuming there is one out there that I can also stick a T-Mobile sim in... Phil.
  • So has a carrier been picked for this yet? I know the rumor was ATT, but I didn't think one was settled on for sure. I'm finding it difficult to choose my upgrade. Between the SuperSonic, N1,'s crazay!!
  • Oh, please, oh, please, oh, PLEASE bring Kindle support to Android Market. Then, I won't have to buy my wife an iPod Touch. She won't give up VZW for AT&T, with which I agree. But, she's jealous of the iPod Touch I have for work (an app used for my swim team), because of the music, movies, and Kindle support. With Kindle support on Android, she can have everything she wants in one device (including a faster/better browser than her BBerry Curve). Since we're due for our NE2 discount at the end of the month, this would make for an easy sell to my wife. C'mon, Amazon!!
  • I'm so gettin this on launch day. Android, Flash and now Amazon, this things gonna rock. I just hope they keep it around $300.
  • all the rumors ive heard were originally Tmobile (gotme exited) until they found out that Tmobile was getting a dell netbook not tablet. Last i heard it wasnt going carrier specific which means its not subsidized. Hope its not true. Id love to have a big fat screen like that :)
  • hmm A five inch phone/tablet?!? To small to be an effective tablet, to large to be a usable phone. I think I'll wait till an actual Android Tablet comes along. Notion Adam anyone?