Is Dell Making Android Devices For Mobile World Congress ?

You know those Dell Smartphone Rumors that keep popping up for seemingly no good reason? Well, it looks like there is some real juice behind it this time. The WSJ is reporting that Dell is "preparing a move into the cellphones as early as next month".

Why next month, you ask? Well the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is happening--that's where all the bigwigs of the major phone makers come to show off their new (and hopefully Android-powered) devices--so that's as good a time as any to announce a brand spanking new Dell Smartphone.

WSJ's article states that there are two prototypes in the works: a full touchscreen device and a slider-styled device with a full QWERTY keyboard beneath the screen. iPhone-esque and Pre-esque, anyone? Supposedly they have both of these prototype devices on Windows Mobile AND Android. Could we soon see some Dell Built Android Powered devices?! Sounds pretty darn good to us. We're crossing our fingers. and toes.

[via Gizmodo]

Casey Chan