Cyber Monday continues, and there are more great game deals to take advantage of! If you're hankering for an open world to explore while gunning down near-endless hordes of infected, Days Gone has you covered. For Cyber Monday, Days Gone has been massively discounted.

The initial discount you'll see on Amazon is $6 off, down to just $20 from the normal $26 price tag. From there, you'll get an additional $3 off once you put it in your cart and begin the checkout process. At just $17, this sometimes-overlooked PS4 exclusive is well worth checking out.

Run boy, run

Days Gone box art

Days Gone

The broken road is calling

Days Gone takes the open-world structure of many games and marries it to a survival horror setting, where you'll have to scrounge and scrape for supplies and ammo as you try to stay ahead of horrific hordes in post-apocalyptic Oregon — or take the hordes on.

Days Gone Deacon RunningSource: Android Central

Bend Studio, best known for the Syphon Filter franchise, stepped outside of its wheelhouse to try open-world survival horror with Days Gone. There's a lot of unique elements, such as the massive hordes that you'll need every bit of creativity possible to take down. You can manipulate hordes against human foes, lay traps, and just in general use a lot of immersive sim-lite tactics while scavenging through the apocalypse.

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Best of all, if you have a PS5, you'll be able to enjoy much faster load times as well as a new dynamic 4K 60 FPS mode, which makes all the running, clubbing, shooting, and motorcycle riding so much cleaner and smoother to control.

There are quite a few other standout PS4 exclusives still on sale for Cyber Monday. The Last of Us Part 2 is half off at $30, while Sucker Punch Productions' samurai story Ghost of Tsushima is also on sale. Meanwhile, Sony Santa Monica's epic Norse adventure, easily one of the best games of the past generation, is just $10. If you're looking for something to adorn your coffee table, there's also a variety of video game art books available at heavily slashed prices.

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