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'The Daily' making it way to Android tablets in Q2

After a highly promoted launch on the iPad earlier this month, News Corp's The Daily digital newpaper is heading to Android tablets in the second quarter of this year according to All Things Digital. During the announcement event (read our sister site TiPB's coverage) it was noted in Q&A that the paper would make the jump to other platforms, but that "this year, next year belong to Apple." 

Even so, it is encouraging to see such a prominent app making its way to Android tablets so soon after its initial launch. Head on over into the Android Central Forums and let us know if you intend to check it out. [All Things Digital]

  • Wow
  • They may actually make more money on Android than on Apple, due to the subscription rip-off that Apple charges the publishers.
  • Very Interesting after all the "IPAD ONLY MAG" Talk. Good for Android though
  • This is terrible news for me. I just got permission to write a graduate school paper about the possible anti-trust issues of tying content exclusively to the iPad. Dammit.
  • He (Murdoch) is clearly clueless when it comes to tech (My Space for $550m?). He apparently doesn't even know what his company is about to release.
  • It'll be a cold day in Hell before Murdoch gets his claws in my phone.
  • Well I'm guessing they were fine with Apples 30% deal so thats not it. Its basically that its not selling (I just don't think people will pay for this type of stuff) coupled with the Verizon iPhone flop. Now you all can flame me all you want for saying its a flop. But you all aren't realizing what the industry was expecting out of the ViPhone. They were expecting a complete reversal of Android not just decent to good sales. But day by day figures show thats not going to be anywhere near the case. So companies are going to have to start treating Android as first class. Simple as that.
  • If I wanted slanted news I could just turn on Fox!
  • Whether you are interested in The Daily or not, the PR benefit from this announcement is very good for Android. The average consumer looking at the Xoom is going to be more focuses on the areas where it falls short when compared to the iPad, even if the Xoom has better specs. I happen to admire what Murdoch is doing with The Daily, although the content is very tabloidy.
  • This is only interesting to me if I can use a Daily subscription on both my iPad and my Evo. Its actually one of the reasons I wasn't planning on subscribing to The Daily because I like things like Pulse that I can access either on my phone or when I have my iPad in front of me. Well, that and the Daily app is one of the buggiest pieces of software I have ever used on an iOS device.