There's no question that Google's decision to go with Verizon as its exclusive U.S. carrier for the Pixel has been divisive, but it's looking increasingly like the provider understands how passionate people are about the feeling of openness that Google built around its Nexus brand. And we're happy about that, since there's nothing worse than a carrier ruining a phone.

And after reporting on another Android Experiment, Paper Planes, I'm glad to see Google maintain its release cadence for these unique and interesting apps. Android was built on quirky experimentation, and I hope the trend continues.

Now, today's news.

BlackBerry DTEK60 comes up for air again at B&H Photo

According to CrackBerry (hi Bla1ze!), the DTEK60, BlackBerry's next flagship Android phone sans keyboard, has come and gone from B&H Photo's website as pre-orders are set to go live any day now. The phone is reportedly based on the TCL 950, which could eventually turn into the Alcatel Idol 4S Pro, but BlackBerry's version is sure to be security-focused, and relatively affordable at $499. More

Google's latest Android Experiment is a camera app for VR addicts

Google's latest Android Experiment is an incredibly neat way to create VR-friendly "photos" that don't look perfect. It's weird; you should try it. Dubbed Sprayscape, the app "hacks" the Cardboard SDK by using the phone's gyroscope to map a camera scene in realtime. It's fun and easy to share with your friends when you're done.

Verizon promises it won't delay Pixel updates

Google and Verizon are going on the offensive in the name of timely Android updates, ensuring customers that they will arrive at the same time as their unlocked, Google-sold counterparts. While we still recommend you buy your phone from Google due to the presence of bloatware and and unlocked bootloader, this is good news for soon-to-be Pixel customers. More

Verizon's VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling features will work on unlocked Pixels

On the other side of the coin, Google has confirmed that Pixels purchased unlocked from its online store will work with Verizon's HD Voice services, which include VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling.

Huawei's Mate 9 looks awfully familiar

Not sure I can put my finger on it, but the Huawei Mate 9 — if the leak is accurate — may bear a striking resemblance to a certain 2015 Samsung phone. Huawei's upcoming flagship is expected to be unveiled in Munich on November 3, and it should usher in the era of not-terrible Huawei software. Can't wait! More

If you bought a Note 7 used, Samsung has your back

Don't try to go into a carrier store or contact anyone else — just call up Samsung directly, and it'll handle an exchange of your Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. More

Improvements coming to Google Photos

Google has added four new features to the Google Photos service that will help you manage your library and make sure your pictures are orientated correctly. Machine learning is harnessed to help you relive important moments and pick out photos that highlight them best, animations can now be made from videos you've taken, and when a picture appears to be sideways or upside-down you'll have an easy way to correct it. These changes are all done server-side so we don't have to change anything to see them appear in our Assistant tab. Phew!

HTC Canada knocks $200 off the Red HTC 10

It's oh-so-red. Now it's $200 off. The unlocked HTC 10 in red is compatible with Telus, Rogers, Bell, Koodo, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Wind Mobile, Videotron and Sasktel.

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