The redesigned NVIDIA Shield TV (2019)Source: Phil Nickinson / Cordcutters

I think it's safe to say that 2020 has been the year of streaming. WarnerMedia and NBC both launched their own services with HBO Max and Peacock, T-Mobile got into the streaming wars with its TVision live TV service, and we've seen continued growth from the big names like Netflix.

These endless streaming services mean nothing if you don't have a reliable device to watch all of them on, and if you don't, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to change that. Whether you're upgrading your aging Roku or don't have a streaming gadget at all, the NVIDIA Shield TV is an easy recommendation.

The NVIDIA Shield TV is widely regarded as one of the most impressive pieces of streaming hardware currently available, and if you act fast, it can be yours for $21 off its retail price. That's not a massive discount, but it does bring the Shield TV down to just $129 — which is a fantastic price to pay given everything it brings to the table.

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Ultimate streamer: NVIDIA Shield TV | $21 off at Amazon

The NVIDIA Shield TV is one of the most capable streaming devices you can buy in 2020. The sleek, compact tube design doesn't look like much at first glance, but there's a lot going on under the hood. Some key features include native 4K HDR streaming, Dolby Vision/Atmos support, and a 4K upscaling feature that's one of the best we've ever seen.

$129 at Amazon

Taking a look at the NVIDIA Shield TV, it has all of the core features you'd expect in a premium streaming device. It allows for 4K HDR streaming, there's support for Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos, and you have access to every streaming app you can think of thanks to the Android TV operating system that powers it.

Where NVIDIA goes a step above is with its AI upscaling feature. If you're watching something that isn't natively 4K, the Shield TV is able to upscale it automatically so it looks as crisp and detailed as can be. This is a feature some 4K TVs have offered for years, but its implementation on the NVIDIA Shield TV is one of the very best we've ever seen. Once you see it in action for yourself, you'll never want to live without it. It's that good.

As if that wasn't enough, there's even more to love about the Shield TV. The included remote supports voice controls, has backlit buttons, and a lost-remote locator feature. If you want to do a bit of gaming, you can connect a supported game controller and stream titles through the NVIDIA GeForce Now service. In other words, you can be watching Netflix one second and playing Fortnite the next — all on one device that's just $129.

The power and possibilities offered by the NVIDIA Shield TV are seriously impressive, and when compared side-by-side with something like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV, there's just no competition. Jump on this deal, get to streaming, and you'll thank us later.

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