Credo Mobile to carry the HTC Hero

It's always great to see Android spreading it's robo-love to the smaller guys, and starting today Credo Mobile is carrying the HTC Hero (CDMA).  The Hero, running Android 2.1,  will be offered at $79.99 with a two year agreement, and plans (voice only) start at $59.99 monthly.  Credo Mobile is a small nationwide carrier that uses the Sprint network for voice and data.  They pride themselves on their social conscience, and in 2009 the company donated $2,680,211 to nonprofit groups from it's revenue.  You can read more about Credo Mobile at the source link, and you can find out everything there is to know about the HTC Hero in our forums. [Credo Mobile (opens in new tab)] Thanks Nick!

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  • Is anyone here on this service? Is it any good?
  • Rockin. I worked for them back when they were Working Assets Long Distance. Good little company. @ceriem They typically piggyback on larger networks. Their landline long distance was actually resold Sprint, so give them a call and ask whose network they use to get an idea of network quality. they outsource customer service to a US based customer service company (or they did when they were WALD, safe to assume they're doing the same still.)
  • Intrigues me that theyre still attempting to compare this phone with the iPhone. Maybe against the first and second Gen devices, but doesn't stand a chance against the new model. EVO is the winner there. Well, at least other carriers get to experience this phone. Wonder if MetroPCS will he getting Android handsets soon...hmmm.
  • Are you forgetting that the iphone being on ATT makes the Hero a winner. Its a phone first, gadget second.
  • I feel it's somewhat expensive...
    Isn't just using Sprint better?
  • Some people like the special feeling of having a smaller carrier that not many others have~
  • I've been with Credo (and Working Assets before that) for some years now. I've always been happy with the service. The Sprint service seems to be available just about everywhere I ever go and customer service etc. are good. The $59 voice plan mentioned in the story is actually the lowest family plan. Individual voice plans start at $29 (for 200 minutes). They are not necessarily the best deal and yes, I could probably get better value jumping to Sprint, but I think they're competitive with VZW and ATT. I think the buzz with this carrier is not so much that it's small and exclusive, as some posters opined, but the social responsibility/green/progressive causes aspect of the company. Warm fuzzies for us bleeding heart types. The downside is that they don't have a very big selection of phones. Obviously they're limited to Sprint phones, and I think that with just a few exceptions (the Blackberries for instance) they basically get Sprint's 'hand-me-downs' after Sprint itself discontinues them. I first talked to them months ago about whether they'd be offering an Android phone and they assured me they were working on it but couldn't give a date. As soon as I heard that Sprint would be launching the Evo I had a feeling that the Hero would be kicking down shortly thereafter. And here it is. Now that Sprint is launching the new Samsungs, it won't surprise me if the Moment begins showing up on their MVNO partners (like Credo, or MetroPCS) over the course of the summer. So, I've been waiting for this for a while. In the meantime however I've of course had a chance to play with Evos and Droids and such and the Hero now seems rather clunky in comparison. And my Significant Other has gone on record that she doesn't want to be caught dead packing last year's phone! Ah what to do?
  • hi, i'm the political director at CREDO and we are totally psyched to add an android to our line up and to give folks an option of a landline phone with less evil. our prices are competitive with AT&T and VZW. also with sprint depending on what voice plan you want -- though sprint's everything plans are admittedly very sweet. with us you get a lot more than a phone and at no added cost to you. for example, your phone bills support nonprofits like EFF, Planned Parenthood and Democracy Now! If you have AT&T your carrier is trying to destroy net neutrality and is throwing fundraisers for people like Sen. David Vitter. We also have amazing customer service. We are working to expand our line up but we'll never have the newest phone first. That said, we think a Hero running Android 2.1 is still pretty awesome. I understand that for some folks it's hard to choose between a Hero and a bleeding edge handset that comes from a carrier that supports politicians who vote for war, environmental destruction, and actively lobbies to destroy net neutrality on the internet. we hope iphone users make sure they keep up with donations to progressive groups as penance! personally, i'm excited to be carrying the hero with android 2.1 on CREDO Mobile.
  • I have been with Credo since they were Working Assets and I have to say they are the best company to deal with. Their customer sevice people are extremely nice and helpful (and you can understand them too). I've dealt with Verizon in the past and it was a nightmare. My plan is good and the price is actually lower than my previous one. With "My Community" I barely use any of my minutes so I can choose a lower cost plan. The signal is good even though I live in an area up near the Canadian border where other carriers have had problems. I get to vote on what causes the company donates to each year and a portion of my payment goes to a political group that I really like to support (you have a choice of who yours goes to). If you check out their Facebook page you can see that people from the company actually read and respond to their customers and seem very interested in keeping them happy. Now a days it is so weird to be treated well by a company - other companies should take a note from Credo and they too would have happy, loyal customers.
    Oh, I just ordered my HTC Hero and am so excited to get it!
  • I was gonna ask this in a forum but folks who might know the answer (including Credo employees) seem to be here... I am considering switching to Credo. I know that you "have to" use one of their phones, and the HTC Hero is it for the Android models. But, if I switched from Sprint to Credo, could I get a Hero and then swap the SIM card (or do some other fairly trivial steps) to start using my Sprint EVO on my Credo plan? I believe Credo uses the physical Sprint network, so this might make it more viable? Obviously, if you do work for Credo and you're public about that here at AndroidCentral, I expect you to answer "No you can't". I'm looking for user experience, Android/Sprint/Credo/HTC expertise, and possibly incognito folks who know the inside story on this question. Thanks!
  • I know this is a little over a month old but I would be more than happy to assist.Credo has competitive prices and matches the prices of several larger mobile companies.Not only are you getting great customer service and good service depending on where you live of course but when initially calling Credo sales department, if there is no coverage in your area they will tell you that we do not provide service in your area.You are also supporting many causes just by having Credo mobile and you get to vote on where you would like your money donated too.Credo also has a contract buyout if you are in contract with another service provider, Credo will credit your account in the amount of the early termination fees up to $200 and this applies for 3 lines maximum. There are many benefits by becoming a Credo mobile customer, Credo goes above and beyond, way more so than any other carrier I have been with previously.You will not be disappointed if you are with Credo, The customer service reps are also very helpful as well.
  • Been with Credo/Working Assets since 1997 (old name preferred by far, Credo sounds like what Working Assets was trying to avoid). They've been great & only improved, service-wise. I do miss the ice cream, though.