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4 years ago

LG Nitro HD gets Ice Cream Sandwich on July 31


AT&T has announced that the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update will hit the LG Nitro HD (see our review) on Tuesday, July 31st. A leaked version of the update was spotted in May and now it's been officially confirmed.

The update will also bring LG's new Optimus 3.0 UI, which adds features such as the ability to swipe anywhere on the lock screen to unlock the phone.

With the ICS update, you should see, among other features, a redesigned Gallery app and photo editor, enhanced multitasking capabilities, an updated home screen folder and favorites tray and Face Unlock.

So if you're a LG Nitro HD owner on AT&T, get ready for the much anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update. To update your phone, you'll have to visit LG's Nitro HD update site and follow their instructions. Make sure you back-up your data before updating. Full press release is after the break.

Source: AT&T

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4 years ago

Get the best Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories


Now is the best time to pick up some accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Whether it's a car mount, screen protectors, desktop cradle or a spare battery -- Accessorizing your Galaxy S3 lets you take full advantage of what this phone has to offer.

We recently ran an accessories poll and discovered three-fourths of owners are buying a Galaxy S3 case. It further proves what I already had a good hunch on - that most phone owners these days want to protect their investment. As for what kind of cases are most popular, the top vote went to hard cases, followed by skin cases.

Beyond cases, there are a lot of other accessories out there that help you get more out of your phone. For any phone I own, I always pick up a car mount and desktop cradle, which makes using the phone better in the car and office. I'm curious to find out what kind of other accessories Galaxy S3 owners are interested in the most. And as a reward for letting us know, we're going to hook a lucky S3 owner up with their wish list for free. Jump over to and pick out the Galaxy S3 accessories you want for your phone. Then leave a comment here with your top three picks and one lucky person will have the chance to win them! Check past the break for more info on accessories for the Galaxy S3.

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4 years ago

Motorola launches Motoluxe XT685 for China, and it runs Android 4.0


When we reviewed the European Motorola Motoluxe, there was one thing that let it down drastically. The software. Motorola's build quality was there in bundles, and despite being a low-powered, budget device, there was a lot to like. But it arrived with Gingerbread, and it didn't do particularly well with it either. 

Now, Motorola is set to launch the Motoluxe in China, and the XT685 as it is known comes much improved from the European one. The processor has been bumped up to 1GHz, but more importantly, the software has been bumped up to Ice Cream Sandwich. Otherwise, it looks very much the same as the European version with the same size 4-inch display, the 8MP camera on the rear and the darn sexy notification light strip in the bottom left. 

The Motoluxe XT685 is available across China now, in Brown or White, for RMB 1,999 ($313/£199) which puts in pretty much on par with its European cousin. No word yet on whether or not this will make it to any other global markets, but it looks like the device the Motoluxe should have been when it first launched. 

Source: Motorola

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4 years ago

Samsung launches limited edition Team GB Galaxy S3 at Carphone Warehouse



Today sees the official start of the Olympic Games, with the opening ceremony soon to kick off in London. Samsung, being a big Olympic sponsor, has decided to support the home team with a new series of official limited edition Team GB Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3) phones. Similar to the designs seen on the Olympic edition Galaxy Note, the Team GB Galaxy S3 models feature the union flag on a pebble blue background, or the Team GB lion on a marble white background.

Thoughtfully, Samsung realizes you might not want to celebrate the 2012 games throughout the entire multi-year life of the phone, so it's including a standard pebble blue or marble white back along with these Team GB designs. The Team GB Galaxy S3s will be available exclusively from the Carphone Warehouse from next Wednesday, Aug. 1, and will be offered on a range of contracts starting at £28 per month.

We've got Samsung's full press release after the break.

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4 years ago

Samsung restores local search on international Galaxy S3 with new OTA


After local search was mistakenly stripped out in the most recent software update for the international Samsung Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3), the manufacturer has this morning issued another update to restore the feature. The update weighs in at just 5MB, and also purports to offer "stability improvements." Delving into the "About device" page, we can see a new software version, XXBLG8, along with a new baseband, XXLG8, plus a new Linux kernel built just yesterday morning. The software's still based upon Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The feature has been the subject of an ongoing legal dispute in the U.S., where Apple has been granted a patent broadly covering searching from multiple databases on a mobile device and displaying the results in a certain way. Apple's patent complaints recently resulted in the Galaxy Nexus being briefly withdrawn from sale.

Samsung first pulled local search on the international Galaxy S3 on Wednesday, giving the impression that it, like the U.S. versions, were having functionality stripped out so as to avoid further litigation from Apple. Yesterday the company released a statement indicating that the move had been made "inadvertently," and that it'd be restored within in a few days. Just 24 hours later and it's back on our unlocked UK Galaxy S3, so kudos to Samsung for the quick turn-around.

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4 years ago

MetroPCS Q2 2012 sees profits go up, subscribers go down, LTE push for the remainder of the year


We're literally swimming in earnings reports this week, and the latest released comes from MetroPCS. The breakdown sees $1.3billion revenue for the quarter, and profits of $149million for the same period. This all comes despite subscriber numbers actually going down by around 200,000. 

LTE seems to be the winner for the carrier though, with LTE subscriptions now sitting at 700,000, a massive increase from the Q1 numbers. If there was ever any doubt, LTE is absolutely a priority for the future:

Importantly, we should have a full 10MHz dedicated to 4G LTE in most major metropolitan areas by the end of the year. Our 4G LTE handset ecosystem is building and we remain on track to launch 4G LTE For All by the end of the third quarter. During the fourth quarter, we expect our 4G LTE For All initiative to lead to a return to subscriber growth.

As usual with earnings reports, the document in full is long and goes into just about every detail imaginable. The highlights of the report though read as follows.

  • Quarterly consolidated total revenues of approximately $1.3 billion, an increase of 6% over the second quarter of 2011
  • Quarterly service revenue of approximately $1.2 billion, an increase of 4% over the second quarter of 2011
  • Record Adjusted EBITDA of $477 million, an increase of 33% over the second quarter of 2011
  • Record Adjusted EBITDA margin of 41.1%, an increase of 900 bps over the second quarter of 2011
  • Quarterly net income of $149 million, an increase of 77% over the second quarter of 2011
  • Quarterly churn of 3.4%, down 50 bps from the second quarter of 2011
  • Quarterly net subscriber loss of 186 thousand, resulting in a 2% increase in total subscribers over the prior twelve month period
  • Quarterly ARPU of $40.62, an increase of $0.13 over second quarter 2011
  • Surpassed 700 thousand 4G LTE subscribers, representing approximately 8% of total subscribers

If earnings reports are your thing, you'll find the full release at the source link below to browse through at your leisure. 

Source: MetroPCS

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4 years ago

Plume Update Brings UI Changes, Bug Fixes


One of our favorite Twitter clients, Plume, was just updated with a couple of subtle but useful UI changes, features and the always nondescript "bug fixes". If you've used Plume before, you know it's hardly short on features and options to begin with. Even so, they managed to add a couple more. The "timeline" and "profile" sections have been redesigned with font color and a couple layout changes. User names are now displayed in a color that can only be described as "Twitter blue", and user's handles are kept in grey off to the right of the name. Additionally, links in the timeline display in the same way as they do on the Twitter website, colors and formatting in tact. The graphical changes aren't drastic, but they give Plume a bit more polish.

This update also brings volume button scrolling, a polarizing feature you either don't care about, or can't live without. Several other apps have implemented this, and just like most everything else in Plume, it's the user's choice to toggle on. If you haven't tried out Plume, then there's no better time than now -- trust us, it looks really nice on a big Galaxy Nexus screen. It's free in the Google Play Store at the source link below. If you like what this developer is doing, and want to support an app that's following holo guidelines, be sure to give the "Premium" version a look for $4.99.

Source: Google Play Store

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4 years ago

Jelly Bean now pushing to U.S. Wifi Motorola Xoom


We've received a few reports that folks with a stock Wifi Xoom (U.S. Models) are getting their Jelly Bean update pushed this afternoon -- enough of them for us to say with confidence that it's pushing out. Soak testers were asked yesterday if the update was ready for prime-time in their opinion, and apparently the answer was yes. 

If you're still stock on your Wifi Xoom, it's time to start hammering some servers. Check for updates through the settings, and enjoy some tasty butter.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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4 years ago

Latest Dead Trigger update adds numerous bug fixes and tweaks


Although there was an update to Dead Trigger released not all that long ago, there is new update available for download now that aims to address numerous bugs and adds in a few tweaks as well that should improve the overall gameplay:

Following issues were fixed:

  • In-App Purchases
  • Not working controls (on Xperia devices or "180° Turn")
  • Too high difficulty of enemies on higher ranks (SWAT zombies)                                                            
  • Crash in Menu when too many missions were "available"
  • Booster "Ammo Supply" did not work properly
  • "Does player like this Facebook site?"
  • Revive Kit (cooldown, number of usage during mission)


  • Aiming on crawling enemies when enabled iron-sight
  • New Hope accessible after first mission
  • Shop (items with zero owned pieces, etc.)
  • Damages caused by mines, deactivated turret, cutters, exploding barrels that did not injure enemies on higher ranks
  • Enemy A.I.

In addition to those changes, Madfinger games has also moved the help section into the mail menu and newly unlocked items, will now be highlighted as such when you progress enough to unlock them.

Download: Dead Trigger

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4 years ago

Updating SuperSU, Restore apps after ROM flash [From the Forums]


Just in case you missed out on some of the Android news today, now is the time to go ahead and get yourself fully caught up. Here on the blogs and in the Android Central Forums there is plenty to talk about. Have some questions? Need some help or just looking to chat Android? You know where to go, check out some of the threads below to get started.

We've got nearly 1 million members helping members and nearly 2 million posts in our Android Forums. Are you one of them? Join today!

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4 years ago

Samsung checks in with a $5.9 billion operating profit for Q2 2012


Samsung has released their own Q2 financials, and the Korean electronics giant reports a whopping 6.72 trillion Won operating profit. That figures out to a cool 5.9 billion U.S. Dollars, and is a record for the company. Samsung is the worlds largest and most lucrative television manufacturer and makes a wide range of consumer electronics, but a good bit of that profit likely comes from Android handsets like the Galaxy S 3. Samsung did not break out their smartphone shipments, but Reuters is reporting that analysts expect that Samsung has further widened the gap with Apple and Nokia. 

We know two things, for sure. People love the Galaxy S 3 phones, and in a time when we see companies missing projections due to a slow economy, Samsung knocked it out of the park. Read the press release after the break.

More: Reuters

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4 years ago

Vizio sold out of Co-Star Google TV pre-orders in just 12 hours, they're back now though


If you've been encountering problems trying to pre-order a Vizio Co-Star Google TV box in the last couple of days, you're probably not alone. After going up for pre-order a few days back, Vizio has today posted on their Google+ page that they completely sold out of the pre-orders within the first 12 hours. Popular then. 

The good news is, they found some more. Maybe they were looking in the wrong part of the warehouse, or maybe they just got to making them really fast. But, the important thing is that they're back, and if you couldn't pre-order before you should be good to go now. Click on over to the link below for the product page. 

Source: Vizio

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4 years ago

Sprint rolling out another update for the Samsung Galaxy S3


Sprint has been keeping Samsung Galaxy S3 owners busy with updates for better or worse. The latest update shows as starting yesterday and is labeled L710VPLG4. Rather than sticking to a short and sweet change log, Sprint chose to lay it all out for this one and looking at it there is certainly some improvements listed:

  • KI – Touch Wiz home has stopped
  • Single picture MMS no longer displayed as slideshow
  • Optimized LTE system selection
  • Enhanced Smart Stay function
  • Enhanced Voice recognition algorithm
  • All-Share Cast (All-share accessory hub) support
  • Music Hub support
  • Security Fixes

Aside from the fixes, which are great to see, you may notice that Music Hub support is listed. Samsung hasn't as of yet anyhow, launched Music Hub in North America so we're left to wonder why it's listed. In any case, sound off in the comments or in the forums if you're seeing this update on your device. If it's not there yet, you'll just have to wait it out until it arrives.

Source: Sprint via: Android Central Forums

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4 years ago

Confirmed: Sprint's Galaxy Nexus update removes local search


The Sprint Galaxy Nexus update that was scheduled to begin today has started rolling out, and along with the listed fixes, such as RSSI indicator fixes and LTE defaulting to on, there's a special gift that Samsung and Sprint didn't bother to mention -- local search has been removed from the device.

Yesterday, all models of the Galaxy Nexus -- the Google Play takju version, the various GSM yakju builds and variants, and the CDMA/LTE versions -- had universal search. That means you could search the web and things like contacts or media files all from the same spot. Apple and their lawyers take offense to that, and went as far as blocking sales of the takju model direct from Google for a little while. We get it -- laws are laws, and you have to follow them when they are valid. We hope this particular case is made invalid, but until then things are what they are. We don't like it, but we understand it.

The problem here is that nobody is telling us that updates are removing capabilities from our phones. We saw it with the Galaxy S III, though Samsung claims the international model was changed in error, and now we're seeing it on the Nexus models. Samsung, Sprint, Google, (and likely all the other US carriers) please tell us you're taking away features before you sneak in and do it. Is that too much to ask?

More: Sprint Galaxy Nexus forums

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4 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg claims there will be no Facebook phone, wants to improve mobile experience


Earnings call season continued in full flow today with a new addition to the usual crowd. Facebook made their first post-IPO earnings call, and while the numbers don't really interest us greatly -- it's Facebook, and it made lots of money -- Mark Zuckerberg threw in a few mobile specific tidbits that caught our ear. 

Only yesterday, we heard the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of rumors claiming the future arrival of the mythical Facebook phone. Push forwards 24 hours, and the big chief himself seemed to quash those rumors completely. Instead, it seems Facebook is more interested in improving their users mobile experience. Lord knows, it needs some improving. The strategy now is to try and work closely with existing operating systems, instead of building a phone which he said "wouldn't really make sense for us here."

Zuck does at least acknowledge the pretty un-impressive state of Facebook mobile affairs:

I think we’re really much closer to the beginning than the end. If you use the apps today I think they’re relatively basic compared to what anybody would want from a Facebook experience on the phone.

Facebook isn't for everyone, but with the ever shifting landscape heading more towards mobile every day, the social behemoth's mobile apps really should be a focus. And, don't forget about their acquisition of Instagram too. While we haven't seen any integration between the two social platforms as yet, this is set to change in the future. The acquisition isn't yet complete, and so explains why we haven't seen anything to date. 

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