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Developer demos Phone-to-Chromecast video streaming


Koushik Dutta shows streaming of video through the gallery app, but a public release isn't on the cards just yet

ClockworkMod developer Koushik Dutta has stepped in to plug one significant feature gap in Google's Chromecast dongle. At the moment Chromecast allows content to be streamed directly through the web, or from a mirrored browser window. But there's been no easy way to view locally-stored photos or video directly from an Android phone — until now. Koush's app, demoed above, uses an Android sharing intent to push local content from the phone to Chromecast.

Everything seems to work pretty smoothly in the video — a single push and the video is streamed to the TV, where it's presumably beamed over a local Wifi network. But Chromecast owners will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the app, as the terms of the beta SDK forbid devs from distributing any APKs. Nevertheless, it's a promising sign of what could be ahead in Chromecast development.

Source: +Koushik Dutta

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NVIDIA Shield official accessories


Keep your NVIDIA Shield safe and give it a new look with these official accessories

To go along with our review of Shield, we're also taking a look at a couple of accessories being released by NVIDIA. Today we're looking at the official custom carrying case as well as the custom lid. The hard case is exactly what you think it would be, along with a nice surprise around back. It's custom molded to fit Shield perfectly, with moldings on the inside for the triggers as well as a small mesh pouch for smaller accessory on the top half. The inside is lined with a soft felt, and we've yet to notice it leaving any marks on Shield. You'll see some nicely done Shield branding on the front, with "NVIDIA green" piping accenting the bottom half of the case. It also has a wrist strap, which is removable if it's not really your thing. I haven't dropped it, but it's built well enough to take a decent impact. I wouldn't go throwing it across the room, though.

The custom lid is something that allows you to personalize Shield more to your liking. Initially they will be available in glossy black and carbon fiber. I don't have the carbon fiber here, but the glossy black is very well done. I've used it almost exclusively, and it's held up well, with no nicks or scratches to be seen anywhere. Whatever NVIDIA used on this particular lid needs to be shared with other manufacturers — it's that durable. They are held on magnetically, and try as I might, I can't make it not line up the way it's supposed to. Initially NVIDIA used a type of clip to hold them on, but switched to magnets based on feedback from industry experts. It works really well, and kudos to them for listening to the feedback and making appropriate changes.

You can pick up the custom carrying case for $39.99 and the lids for $19.99 each from your local Shield retailer. We have a hands-on video and a few pictures after the break.  

Have questions about Shield?  We'll have all the answers you want in our Ask Me Anything thread.

NVIDIA Shield review | NVIDIA Shield forums

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NVIDIA Shield review


NVIDIA has long been a major player in the PC gaming industry, and that translates nicely to mobile with Shield

The NVIDIA Shield is not the first Android handheld designed for gaming. We’ve seen Archos try its hand at a small-form tablet with gaming controls, MOGA and others have created accessories that will transform your smartphone into a gaming unit, and using USB host with a game controller can make plenty of phones or tablets into a great on-the-go gaming rig. We'll try to forget about the Xperia Play. Sony sure did.

But NVIDIA has done something different. The Shield isn’t an Android device that also plays games pretty well, it’s a gaming machine first and foremost. Every design decision, every hardware part, every component was chosen and used to try and offer the best gaming experience you can get from an Android-powered device. You'll be able to pick up your own NVIDIA Shield starting today (July 31). Preorders are shipping, and units are available for $299 at NVIDIA.com or Newegg.com, or at a SHIELD Experience Center in select GameStop, Microcenter, Canada Computer locations in the U.S. and Canada. Now the real question is -- did NVIDIA succeed at making the Android game system everyone has been waiting for?

Editor’s note: This review was co-authored by both Jerry Hildenbrand and Kevin O’Quinn, Android Central’s resident NVIDIA “champ." Kevin is a known hardware junkie, and provided input about the hardware and specifications from his perspective.

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LG G2 to feature ringtones and sounds performed by the Vienna Boys' Choir


LG has worked with the Vienna Boys' Choir to include nine ringtones and five notifications and alarms performed by the Vienna Boys' Choir on the upcoming LG G2. These are in addition to four musical "chimes" that are included, with Bach’s Air on the G String given as an example.

The Vienna Boys' Choir has been in existence for almost 500 years, and they currently perform in over 300 venues a year all over the world. Headquartered in Vienna, most of the members are from Austria, but the choir features boys from all over the world aged between 10 and 14.

Whether it’s classical compositions or fresh a cappella music, LG has always viewed beautiful music as a great complement to our beautiful devices. As the pinnacle of international choirs and the most famous, it’s fitting that the heavenly music of the Vienna Boys’ Choir is featured on LG G2. — LG CEO Dr. Jong-seok Park

We'll be able to hear all the beautiful music and more when we have a look at the G2 in New York next month. 

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Google releases new Photosphere tutorial video


Googler chimes in in our forums with tips to improve your Photo Spheres.

We're slowly seeing more and more emphasis being put on Photo Spheres, and Google is offering a few tips with a new tutorial video. Between software improvements for taking Photo Spheres in Android 4.3 and new ways to upload and share them on Google Maps, you want to be able to take the best 360-degree views possible. The main tips may seem counterintuitive, but Google seems to have worked out a system here:

  • Hold the phone close to your body
  • Keep the phone in portrait orientation
  • Make full rotations holding the phone at each angle until a full 360 is achieved

ThatAdamGuy, a Googler working on Photo Sphere has also chimed in in our forums to offer a few tips, mirroring many of the things pointed out in the video. He says that Google is working to create more documentation for Photo Spheres, which should help users get a better hold on the technique for creating great images. 

If you're interested in working on your Photo Sphere skills or have a question about the topic, hit up the forums below to join in on the discussion.

More: Photo Sphere tips from the AC forums

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T-Mobile expects 2x10MHz LTE in 90% of top 25 markets by year's end


Faster speeds and better bandwidth allocation coming to the nation's largest markets.

With its LTE network deployment in full swing, T-Mobile is hoping to step things up in the most crucial top markets by deploying more spectrum to the new network. According to a statement given to Light Reading, T-Mobile said that "Nationwide, we plan to deploy 10+10 MHz of LTE in 90 percent of the top 25 markets by the end of the year."

Although the network is currently live in 116 markets, T-Mobile is primarily using a 2x5MHz deployment, which offers less bandwidth and potential to handle a large number of customers on each tower. Testing of the new 2x10MHz network is currently ongoing in New York City, where network engineers have been dropping the HSPA+ network from 42 to 21mbps in order to use those resources for LTE.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra confirmed for Sept. 12 release


Soon to be available in black and white for £599.98 inc VAT

Update: We spoke to the folks at Negri Electronics about the Xperia Z Ultra, and they have models in purple and white, starting at $799 USD — and they are in stock right now. If you're interested on 6.44-inches of unlocked Sony magic, hit them up right here

Unlocked Mobiles has put up their pre-order page for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, with launch details very to close to what we already expected. Sony's latest phone, packing a 6.44-inch Triluminos display and a Snapdragon 800 processor with Android 4.2, will be available September 12. Pricing comes in a little lower than previously thought, at £599.98 inc VAT and £499.98 ex VAT.

Following the official announcement of this monstrous phone, the official specifications were released for those interested. To get an up close and personal look at the new addition of the Xperia family, be sure to see our hands-on video.

Source: Unlocked Mobile

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Galaxy S4 MoDaCo Switch Indiegogo campaign quickly reaches its fundraising goal


Over £1,000 raised on Indiegogo with 17 campaign days still remaining

After initially being announced only for the HTC One, an Indiegogo fundraising campaign was started to bring support for the MoDaCo Switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4. The MoDaCo Switch will enable one set of user data and apps to be shared by two different versions of the Android operating system: the Samsung TouchWiz version of Jelly Bean, and the "Google Edition" version of Android Jelly Bean. This allows one phone to switch back and forth between software versions, making changes to one side (like installing apps) that are also reflected on the other.

A goal of £1,000 was set on Indiegogo to bring the Switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4, which was exceeded with over two weeks still left in the campaign. The following update was given in response to the donators' support:

Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far, you're all awesome and it's fantastic we've hit the target already. I'm not setting stretch goals per se, but all subsequent donations help get us towards the ultimate goal of making Switch available for all ROM developers to use and thereby all devices. Switch is for you - Android fans. :-)

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Watch Lollapalooza 2013 as it streams live on your Chromecast


Experience all the sights and sounds direct from Grant Park through the magic of YouTube

If you've got your hands on Google's newest gadget, the $35 Chromecast, this weekend you'll have a great way to put it to the test. Lollapalooza 2013 will begin streaming Friday, August 2 and carry through until Sunday August 4 on YouTube. Featured bands include Nine Inch Nails, Mumford and Sons,  Queens of the Stone Age, The Killers, Crystal Castles, Postal Service and more. The show will be streamed live direct from Grant Park in beautiful downtown Chicago. If you can't be there to enjoy the sights and sounds, the live stream is a good substitute. And the food is probably better at home, anyway.

Of course, you can watch the show on any Android device if you've not picked up a Chromecast, but this will be a good way for everyone who did to really put it to the test. You can find all the details at the source link below, as well as a teaser video after the break.

Source: Lollapalooza

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Contribute your Photospheres to Google Maps with new 'Views' page


New web tool makes it fun to browse and simple to upload your own Photo Spheres.

Google is making both submitting and viewing Photospheres on Google Maps a little more intuitive and beautiful today with the launch "Google Maps Views". As an upgrade over what Google offered previously for Photo Sphere uploads, users can now submit and view them from the web as well as on the phone. The new Google Maps Views interface on the desktop really leans towards exploring and viewing user-submitted Photo Spheres, with a large picture viewer of popular uploads and a map browser with pins to see shots from around the world. 

Submissions on the web are easy as well. Just hit the blue camera icon in the top right of the screen by your Google login, and you can browse through your Google+ auto upload folder to post Photo Spheres you've taken — even if they haven't been shared publicly yet.

Together with the new improvements to Photo Sphere capture in Android 4.3 and new tools for you to upload Photo Spheres even when they're not taken by an Android device, browsing Google Maps is going to get a whole lot more interesting going forward.

Source: Google Lat Long Blog; Google Maps Views

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Titanium Backup updated with Android 4.3 support


Scheduled job power conditions, data exclusion for media storage, and bugfixes also added

When Android 4.3 was released, those who root their phones updated and quickly rooted with the only Superuser app that was working at the time. The next thing many of those same people probably did was try to restore their apps using Titanium Backup, only to be greeted with a blank list of backed up applications.

Thankfully, Titanium Backup's fame is only exceeded by it's update frequency. A new update has been pushed to the Play Store, adding initial support for Android 4.3. Further compatibility will likely come soon in subsequent updates.

Along with the added Android 4.3 support, a few new features were added, and a few bugs have been fixed. Read past the break for the change log, and follow the Play Store button above to update or download.

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Transit App launches on Android for all your public transportation needs


Real-time routing available in 43 major cities across the United States

Transit App has gotten quite a reputation with the iOS folks. Now, the Google Maps alternative for public transportation is also available for Android. The app works in 43 major cities including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

It offers real-time public transit schedules, a multi-modal trip planner showing the four fastest ways to your destination, saves frequently used routes as favorites, and promises always up-to-date data.

Of course, this is a new release, and there are still some kinks to work out. I could only get "out of range" errors when trying to navigate around town in Boston using my Nexus 4, despite it being listed as an officially supported city. My route from JFK to John's Pizza on Bleaker St. worked great, though. Check it out for yourself with the Play Store link up top.

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Introducing the all-new Android Central Chrome extension!


We have a new mission: Make getting the latest and greatest content from Android Central as quick and as easy as possible. And to that end, we're proud to present the Android Central Chrome Extension

As the name implies, it's an extension that lives in your Chrome browser that serves up the latest headlines from us, Android Central. No mucking about with RSS feeds. (You can find our feeds here.) No separate Android apps. (We've got a really good one here that you should download ASAP.) A full web page? Bah. (You should really check out this extension while simultaneously browsing our web page.) 

Just install, click the Lloyd icon in your browser, and you're good to go. It's quick, it's easy, and it's available now.

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Samsung Galaxy S4, three months on


How has Samsung’s ‘life companion’ weathered three months in the hands of an AC editor?

It’s been a little over three months since we first reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S4, and a great deal has changed in that time. The phone has launched on countless carriers around the world, allowing us to experience Samsung’s latest on different networks and in different settings. Its firmware has been updated, eliminating most of the niggling performance issues we pointed out in our original review. And the Google Play edition GS4 has given us a fresh perspective on the device, as well as a new option for Android purists.

In recent months I’ve been hopping back and forth between the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, but the GS4 has never been far from my side. And it’s fair to say my overall opinion of the phone has changed since we wrapped up our review. So check past the break for some long-term thoughts on Samsung's Galaxy S4.

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One week with Locket, the lockscreen app that pays to show you ads [Updated]


Upate: Locket no longer pays users for ads. Instead, the company is saying that it is just pushing out relevantly curated content to users on their lockscreen to add value. You can read more about the changes on Locket's blog

Original story: Swipe in, cash out. That's in Locket's description on Google Play, and it pretty much sums up the idea behind the lockscreen app. In a nutshell, you install it on your phone and see an advertisement every time you wake your phone. In exchange, you get paid a little. Very little.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it? Who wants to see adverts every time you turn on your phone? Thing is, Locket's done a pretty good job here. We've been using it for a week now, and it's time to share a few findings. Maybe we're doing so from the comfort of a newly purchased yacht. Or maybe we've managed to scrounge up a little extra beer money.

Read on to find out.

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