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4 years ago

Samsung shipped 28 million Galaxy Notes in the past year


Sales of the Galaxy Note series increased 280 percent in a year

Samsung is pleased with the sales of their Galaxy Note series. Speaking with the press at IFA in Berlin, CEO J K Shin said:

Galaxy Note 1 and Galaxy Note 2 were sold for a total of over 38 million. We believe Galaxy Note 3 will outdo its predecessors.

We know that the Note series sold to the tune of 10 million last August, so a little rudimentary math tells us that Samsung has seen 28 million leave their factory in the last 12 months. 

While not such a huge number when taking the over one billion Android activations total into account, multi-millions worth of sales means Samsung was right to take a gamble on an extra-large phone, and plenty of people around the world want one.

The Note 3 has the potential to be the most popular of the series so far, and we expect it to be just as popular once it's released.

Source: ETNews

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4 years ago

Vodafone UK offering 4GB of bonus data on 4G-ready plans


Customers moving to 4G plans also receive unlimited data for three months

Gearing up for the expansion of its 4G LTE network in late September, Vodafone UK is offering new plans in a promotion it is calling "4G Bonus". Customers signing up for new 12 or 24 month contracts with Vodafone on its new "4G-ready" plans will receive double the standard amount of data it offers, plus an additional 4GB of data for the life of their contract.

This means for someone who goes for the entry-level plan and opts to be 4G-ready will get 6GB of data per month instead of the standard 1GB on a regular plan — and the starting price for such a plan with 6GB of data and unlimited talk and texts is just £26 per month.

As a gesture to those who signed up for its 4G-ready plans before this point, Vodafone is extending the 4GB of additional data to anyone who is already a customer at no additional cost. For those wanting to switch carriers or plans starting with this promotion, you have until the end of October to get on-board. You can find a full chart breakdown of the new plans and prices after the break.

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4 years ago

@evleaks: LG D820 just a CDMA G2 variant


Habitual leaker says D820 is not the next Nexus phone

Remember that LG-D820 that showed up at the FCC a few days back? Complete with code names and a OS version that has everyone convinced that it is the next Nexus phone, it has the specs everyone wants listed. However, one of the Android world's perennial leakers, @evleaks, says that it's just another G2.

This was quickly followed by an image showing other model numbers, including the 821, as you can see above.

Fans are quick to believe @evleaks when he gives information they want to hear, but plenty are skeptical over this information. We have a few ideas, but nothing we're willing to talk about just yet. The jury is still out on exactly what's what, as there is really nothing we can be sure of with the information we have. Hopefully, we know more soon.

Source: @evleaks (1); (2)

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4 years ago

Moto X for T-Mobile now available direct from Motorola


The 16GB version is available in woven black for $599.99

Motorola has announced that the T-Mobile specific Moto X is now available exclusively on Motorola.com. The phone will be initially available in woven black and with 16GB storage capacity, but Motorola says the woven white model is coming soon. The phone lists for $599.99. The T-Mobile variant will also have an unlockable boot loader for those who like to get in there and tinker.

There's no word on any T-Mobile specific software — like the ever-so-handy Wifi-calling, but the AT&T and Verizon models had the requisite carrier apps so we've not given up hope. Scary day when we want carrier-ware installed on our phones, isn't it? 

Currently, the phone is still out of stock on Motorola's page, but the information on their official blog says today is the day. If you've been waiting, you'll want to keep checking the site, which we've linked below.

Source: Motorola; Order page

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4 years ago

The mobile photography revolution - Talk Mobile


The camera. If there's any part of the smartphone that's seen its usage rate skyrocket over the past few years, that'd be it. Smartphone cameras have gone from little VGA shooters barely worthy of being called a camera to 12, 20, and even 41 megapixel beasts with image quality unfathomable just a few short years ago.

4 years ago

Sprint's LG G2 goes up for pre-order on Oct. 11 for $199 on contract


Sprint this morning announced that its version of the LG G2 will go up for preorder on Oct. 11, for $199 on contract. An actual street date was not disclosed.

In addition to the phone, those who pre-order will receive a free Quick Window case (worth $49).

We've got a pre-production version of the G2 in hand and have been taking a look at a few of the more interesting features, including:

For more, be sure to check out our LG G2 forums!

Source: Sprint

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4 years ago

ASUS Fonepad Note 6 hands-on


It's been a couple of months since ASUS unveiled the Fonepad Note -- its first standalone handset in a long time -- at Computex 2013. Since then the phone's undergone a bit of an overhaul, and at IFA 2013 we tracked down a slightly upgraded Fonepad Note -- or Fonepad Note 6, as it's now called -- running a faster 2GHz Atom processor and updated software with a little more ASUS customization.

Like the better-known Samsung Galaxy Note, ASUS' Fonepad Note 6 has built-in stylus functionality, and when the stylus is in use a slide-across tab allows you to easily annotate any app or web page. Overall, the device is reasonably snappy, though we did notice a few instances of lag when scrolling through widgets in the app drawer. At the same time, we're a little disappointed to see a plasticky chassis being used that reminds us of older Samsung devices, rather than the premium materials used in ASUS products like the Padfone Infinity.

Check past the break for our full hands-on video and more photos.

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Gear up for pre-order in the UK


Clove Technology now taking pre-orders for all six colors, £282 to make one yours

We've literally just landed back home after IFA 2013 in Berlin, and one of the headline acts is starting to see retail information in the UK. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is now up for pre-order at online retailer Clove Technology, but it's going to cost you to get one. £282 plus delivery to be precise. 

Honestly we're not too surprised the Galaxy Gear is commanding a high asking price, but even so, that does feel like too much of a high asking price. Especially since to use one initially you'll also be handing over for a new Galaxy Note 3 as well. 

It's just one retailer, but it's an indicator of something we feared last week when we first saw Samsung's first smartwatch. If you're interested, head on over to the source link below to get your pre-order on.

More: Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Gear

Source: Clove

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4 years ago

The Dead Trigger 2 tease continues: Release date to be announced at Tokyo Game Show


We're not really fans of announcements that serve only to announce future announcements — but we know there are more than a few of you out there waiting ever so patiently for the release of Dead Trigger 2, so here goes.

The game that we've seen glimpses of (and played ourselves) going all the way back to CES in January will finally have its release date revealed at the Tokyo Game Show in a couple weeks — Sept. 19-22. Nothing more specific, unfortunately, but we can't imagine that the actual release will be too far behind that.

So, yeah. We're getting closer. We're just not there yet.

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4 years ago

Quick comparison: LG G2 versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


The LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are two of the hottest Android devices around right now. And while neither is available in the U.S. just yet, we recently had the chance to pit these two juggernauts against each other at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

While the two devices' hardware is closely matched -- Snapdragon 800, oodles of RAM, plenty of pixels — they're a world apart in physical size — the 5.7-inch Note 3 dwarfs the G2's mere 5.2 inches. And the choice between these two phones is going to come down to whether you want a traditional smartphone with a large screen or a half phone, half tablet hybrid, as we're looking at two different classes of handset here.

Check out our hands-on comparison above, and be sure to check out our preview of the Galaxy Note 3 and  hands-on redux with the G2.

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4 years ago

Microsoft makes Xbox Music available on Android


It's here, but it's short on some features next to the Windows Phone version

Microsoft has today made their Xbox Music streaming service available to Android device owners for the first time. The app requires an Xbox Music account to use, but essentially it gives you access to all the same music that Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone users have had for some time now. But, while it's great that Microsoft has made it available, it's lacking in a couple of key areas when compared to its Windows Phone sibling. It also doesn't seem to like the idea of tablets, since the Play Store is highlighting a lack of compatibility with them all. 

The first of those is the lack of artist based radio. It's not the end of the world, but it does mean you're basically limited to searching for music to listen to. The bigger omission, at least for now, is offline music. Unless you're connected to an Internet connection, you won't be able to listen to your music. Microsoft has said it will be hitting iOS and Android in "coming months" but for some, the lack of it now could be a deal breaker. 

Otherwise it's not a bad app to use. It's not exactly Holo, but it looks pretty nice, with a distinct flavor of Xbox to it. It's not mimicking the Windows Phone app, though, so it's more within the user experience we're familar with on Android. Grab the app for free now from the Play Store at the link above. Besides not liking tablets, it will also only be available in regions supported by Xbox Music. 

Source: Microsoft via Windows Phone Central

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4 years ago

Amazon says reports of rumored free-phone program are incorrect


An unnamed spokesman for Amazon has come forward and denied the rumors that they had plans to give away a free phone sometime in the near future. Speaking to the folks over at Jessica Lessin, who initially reported that Amazon was planning to produce and distribute a free smartphone this year, the company has denied that they even have plans to release a phone at all this year, but if they did release one in the future it "would not be free."

We can't say we're surprised. Even Amazon would have a hard time eating the subsidy on a completely free phone off-contract. 

Will Amazon ever offer a smartphone based on an Android fork? Probably. But we know not to expect it any time soon.

Source: Jessica Lessin

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4 years ago

A Nexus fan's take on the Moto X


It all started when Phil sent me the review unit

Motorola will ask for it back soon, but I've had it long enough to know a few things, and get a pretty good feel for this phone. And that's good, because as I've expressed before, I'm not buying one from a carrier and Motorola is taking their sweet time to offer an unlocked version. More on why that was a mistake a little later. Likely, my constant crying concern about the issue is what prompted Phil to send it here. I'm a pain in the ass when I'm whiny and cranky, and like a baby with a pacifier, the review unit shut me up. I'm able to admit this.

Anyway, like I said I've had the Moto X long enough to have a solid feel for the thing, and to make some pretty strong comparisons against what I think was the best Android phone in a long time — the Nexus 4. So let's do that.

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4 years ago

From the Editor's Desk: So long, IFA 2013


Well, that's it, Berlin. You've been a blast, but IFA 2013 is over for us. I'm on a plane (or two) home, but a few things we learned this week:

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4 years ago

Apps of the Week: Buffalo Bills Mobile, YouTube Floating Player, Canvas for Pebble and more!


Another great round-up of apps from the Android Central writers

It's been a busy week here at Android Central — between travel and all of the news coming out of IFA in Berlin, we've had our hands full. But that doesn't mean we can't still bring you our great Apps of the Week column, where we show off apps that the Android Central writers are using, this Saturday.

This week we're looking at apps that will help get your ready for the NFL season, pick a new watch face for your Pebble and keep you entertained no matter what the situation. Stick around after the break and see how we did this week.

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