3 years ago

Pocket Casts 4.5 adds Chromecast support


One of our favorite podcatchers gets even better

As you might have noticed, we're kind of big on podcasts here. And when it comes to podcatchers, Pocket Casts is always among our recommendations. Today, Pocket Casts has hit version 4.5, and with it comes a host of new features.

Perhaps most important is that Pocket Casts now supports Chromecast. Just tap the Chromecast icon to stream to any connected TV. (And if you haven't yet experienced the sultry sounds of Jerry Hildenbrand over a proper home entertainment system, prepare to be amazed.) Album art is displayed on screen and does a great imitation of a screen saver (much like Google Play Music), so you won't have to worry about burn-in.

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3 years ago

Moto X launches in Australia at $549, no Moto Maker in sight

Moto X

Unlocked carrier support for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

Following up on the announcement that it would be making its way down under, Motorola has officially launched the Moto X in Australia. A full seven months after launching in the U.S. and even two months after the U.K., folks in Australia will have their chance to pick up a Moto X for AUD$549 outright. Sadly there's no Moto Maker customization at this point — nor is it expected — so you'll be selecting from either black or white at this point.

We're no pros at the frequencies in use by the Australian carriers, but based on the information provided and a little insight from the folks at Ausdroid we're looking at support for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. The Motorola site is still listing the device as "coming soon" and there aren't any carrier or retailer announcements just yet, but we can expect that information to make its way out soon as well.

Now that the Moto X has made its way officially to Australia, the next rollouts we can expect to see — based on what Motorola has said so far — are to India and Germany, with Moto Maker making its expansion as well to the U.K., Germany and Mexico.

Source: Motorola; Ausdroid

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3 years ago

We're live from GDC this week!

Android Central at GDC

Going straight to the source for every bit of gaming news possible

The Game Developers Conference is kicking off in San Francisco this week, and we'll be there hobnobbing with developers, getting previews of upcoming mobile games, and getting some popular thoughts on the state of the industry.

Namely, we'll be talking to a lot of game creators about their thoughts on the freemium business model. Despite its prevalence among the most commercially successful titles on the Play Store, there's still a strong voice for core gamers that want to pay for their games up-front and be done with it. We'll also be nagging iOS-exclusive devs to get their excellent creations onto Android.

It's going to be a fun week with lots of new games to check out. Keep an eye on our GDC 2014 hub to see what's happening at the show across all of our sites. We land in San Francisco on Monday afternoon, and the expo floor opens up on Wednesday. We've got a full calendar, but is there anything in particular you guys would like to see?

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3 years ago

Fourth and final episode of HTC Technical Translations explains Zoes


HTC has just released another video in their Technical Translations series. The fourth and final episode tries to explain what an HTC Zoe is. We have actually explained it here already, but basically, a Zoe is a 3-second video clip that bookends when you actually hit the shutter button. Those Zoes can be later combined together to create video highlights.

In HTC’s words:

It’s super-organized, efficient, instant story-telling. It’s all your photos and movies automatically cut into highlights that you can share with your friends.

It looks like the HTC Zoe feature will be carried on to the all new HTC One. The video includes a teaser towards the end. A lot of things about the new device have been leaked already before the March 25th unveiling. Here’s what we’re expecting so far.

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3 years ago

Chromecast support looks destined for some British TV apps


BBC iPlayer and BT Sport apps have Chromecast references buried within

While still unofficial, Google's Chromecast looks set to launch this coming week in the UK. Folks are rightfully excited and wondering which of our local apps might be updated with support for it. Android Central Forums member SmItH197 has been digging around inside the BT Sport application and found multiple Chromecast references within.

This follows a similar report from the folks at Android Police who've reported on some similar digging, this time within the BBC iPlayer application. As with the BT Sport app, there were references found that match with other applications that already have Cast support. Neither app has had support turned on yet, so if you've a U.S. import like I do we'll still have to wait. But if all goes according to what we've seen so far, we might be enjoying some local Chromecast action pretty soon.

Source: Android Central Forums, Android Police

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3 years ago

HTC One (M8) now being advertised on the British high street


Pre-launch activity starting to reach silly proportions with pixelated showing at major retailer

Leaks, leaks, more leaks and even stuff HTC has told us first hand. The story of the HTC One (M8) so far and it doesn't even see an official launch until March 25. The latest sees a major British retailer, Phones 4U, displaying these big ads outside its stores. Oh yeah, the new HTC One is coming alright – if we had any doubt at this point what it's called.

Even more unusual is the presence of the phone on the ad. Sure, it's been leaked already to within an inch of its life, but there's still going to be a ton of 'regular' folks who don't follow the tech blogs who won't know about those. But they're getting a pretty good idea what it looks like from this, even if it does have a pixelated face.

I spotted this today outside my local store, and questioned the staff on why there was a red banner with March 25 on the poster. Of course, we know that's the date of the event – we'll be on the ground in London and New York – but that's about all it means right now. With the event taking place during daylight hours UK time, Phones 4U will likely be telling us when we can buy it there before March 25 is out.

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3 years ago

From the Editors Desk: Inside baseball


It's only been about three weeks since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 in Barcelona. We're a week away from HTC unveiling (ahem) something in New York and London. (Gee, whatever could it be?) And I'm getting antsy as hell to spend some quality time with some new, finished hardware and software. That last qualification is important, I think, as it was the initial software experience that really soured my on the GS4 a year ago. Great features, but serious problems with speed. In fact, picking up the GS4 again this week after T-Mobile's version got KitKat, I'd honestly forgotten what a slick phone that was.

We're about to be buried in a couple great phones, I think, in the new HTC One and the Galaxy S5. This is going to be a very busy spring.

We've been hard at work behind the scenes as well. For those of you who frequent the front page, you'll notice that we've been running a number of posts a day in a smaller format. That lets us do a couple things — first and foremost is that lets us give more weight to the more important posts, while downplaying but still publishing smaller bits of news. It makes me more excited to cover all the things.

We've also gotten started on our new topic pages. Nothing new, really — we've had this sort of reference material before — but we're more serious about it than ever now. Here's just one example, for the Nest family of products. We'll be growing these out, of course, and our traditional device pages (a la the aforementioned GS5 and HTC One) will take this form as well. More news. Better reference pages.

And that's just the beginning. Big things are afoot.

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3 years ago

What I'm playing this week: Granny Smith


An oldie that's still as challenging as it ever was

We're always on the lookout for the hot new Android games, but sometimes you just can't beat an oldie. I've downloaded a ton of games over the years, but just recently I've been drawn back to Granny Smith. And you know what? It's still just as challenging to play as it was the first time.

I'm a big fan of casual, pick up and play mobile games. For serious gaming I still turn to my consoles. When I'm playing on my mobile devices I like something that's not so serious and a little more casual. Granny Smith fits into that perfectly while still providing enough of a challenge that you actually want to beat it.

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3 years ago

A look at Sandisk's 128GB micro SDXC card

Sandisk 128GB SD card

The ultimate storage card for your Android also works great for cameras and laptops

Reviewing an SD card is hard. They pretty much work, or they don't. But when Sandisk releases a 128GB micro SDXC card, we have to get one and check it out.

Storage junkies, meet your dream. After formatting and the few odd system files and folders Android puts on any removable storage, you have a full 119GB of space on top of whatever meager offering the folks who made your phone gave you. That's about 100,000 high-res pictures, 40,000 songs, or 30 full length HD DVD rips. In short — it's a whole lot of space for the things you need a whole lot of space for.

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3 years ago

Pebble app gets updated with more stability fixes


The folks at Pebble have pushed out another bugfix for the Pebble 2.0 application. Along with general stability fixes, the issue with the never-ending loading screen has been addressed. As a user who was experiencing the stuck splash screen issue, I can confirm that it's gone on my phone. Hurrah! While still not as stable as the original version, Pebble 2.0 is starting to shape up. Let's hope the trend continues.

For the latest about the Pebble and all things smartwatch, be sure to check out our sister site SmartwatchFans!

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3 years ago

Apps of the Week: Sorcery!, Crazy Taxi, IMSA and more!

Apps of the Week

See the apps that made it onto our phones and tablets this weekend

Saturdays bring a lot of great things, but one of the best (at least for us) is the Apps of the Week column where we get to show off the apps that we're using every day. Each of the writers here at Android Central does their best to write a bit about a single app that's been on their phone or tablet in the last week, giving you the chance to see what we're all using.

The list is usually pretty varied, with a grouping of games, utility apps and a few off-the-wall choices now and then, but that's what you'll find if you look hard enough throughout the entire Play Store. Hit the break to see how this week's picks line up with the rest.

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Gear down to £125 at O2 UK this weekend


Limited time offer on Samsung's first smartwatch

Samsung's original smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, will soon be replaced and as such we're starting to see some deals appear. The latest is from O2 UK, where for this weekend only you can snag one in store for £124.99. That's a pretty hefty discount on the original RRP of the Galaxy Gear, and it's pretty enticing at that price.

Sure, you need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to pair it with, but if you've got the right phone, there might not be a better time to pick one up. Hit the source link below to see the full list of O2 stores you can get one.

Source: O2

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3 years ago

Veronica Mars movie already in Google Play


Fans of Veronica Mars are nerding out this week (and rightfully so) after a successful Kickstarter campaign resurrected the cult hit and got a movie made. And after opening in theaters on Friday, it's already available for streaming from Google Play. Hollywood, take note — this is how it should be done.

The movie is $14.99 to buy, or $5.99 to rent. Now shut up and take our money.

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3 years ago

Stock Talk: How APPL, BBRY, GOOG and MSFT have fared over a year


Two giants, one surprise and a still-struggling BlackBerry

While today doesn’t mark any particularly important day on the calendar as far as mobile technology goes, I thought it would be useful to pull up a one year chart of the stocks that make up the most relevant names to Mobile Nations. From largest market value to smallest, these are Apple, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry.

Here’s the one-year chart for the bunch. This is a comparison chart so the time axis has all stocks starting together, like horses out of a gate, with a 0 percent change. I like the format because it’s so easy to see what’s happening on a relative basis.

The first obvious thing to note is that BlackBerry is the only stock to show a decline in the period, and you can really see how the Canadian firm started to underperform after the weak quarterly results from late June 2013 and again in September. In comparison to the three other major platform makers, BlackBerry did not demonstrate stability and paid the price in the market. We’ll come back to BlackBerry further down.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Google posted the best stock performance over the last year, having risen more than 40 percent. Apple and Microsoft both still show very decent price improvements in the last year.

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3 years ago

Chromecast looks set to hit UK shelves on March 19


Stocks arriving ahead of imminent launch

The latest in the UK Chromecast release saga finally sees what looks to be an accurate release date. Following yesterdays news that stock was arriving at Currys PCWorld stores, Android Police has obtained an image of an internal Dixons Retail – the owners of Currys PCWorld – communication putting the on sale date as March 19. This coming Wednesday.

There's no indication of price, but it does at least look like the long wait is coming to an end. Chromecast has been a hot product from Google since its launch, and it's pretty exciting news that finally it's breaking free of U.S. exclusivity. Who's buying?

Source: Android Police

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