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4 years ago

Mobile Nations 22: State of the mobile


Kevin of CrackBerry, Phil of Android Central, Daniel of Windows Phone Central, Derek of Mobile Nations, and Rene of iMore talk about the state of mobile. How many platforms is Android, what's happening with BlackBerry, can Microsoft deliver, and what's next for Apple?

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4 years ago

Google unveils HP Chromebook 11


11.6-inch Exynos-powered laptop for $279

Google has today taken the wraps off the latest addition to its Chromebook line-up today, the HP Chromebook 11. The 11.6-inch laptop packs a Samsung Exynos CPU and a 1366x768-resolution, 300-nit display. There's 2GB of RAM onboard, in addition to 16GB of internal flash storage. That's all contained in a plastic-coated but magnesium-framed chassis.

As it's a Chrome OS device, you'll be expected to keep most of your stuff on Google Drive, and the Chromebook 11 comes with both 100GB of free Drive storage for two years and a 60 day free trial to Google Play Music All Access. Weighing in at 1.04kg, the notebook is relatively light, but the reported "up to 6 hours" of battery life might give buyers pause. That said, the ability to charge it via microUSB, like a smartphone, is a plus.

In any case, you can pick up the Chromebook 11 from Google, Amazon or Best Buy in the U.S., and in the UK it's available for £229 from PC World.

More: Chromebook 11 on Google.com; @GooglePlay Pre-order: Amazon.com

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4 years ago

HTC 'Sense 5.5' leaked shots show easy BlinkFeed toggle, camera changes


An easy way to disable BlinkFeed, customizable quick settings, 'dual capture' and 'Panorama+' in camera app

High-profile HTC ROM maker mike1986 has produced screenshots purporting to be from the next version of HTC's Android-based UI, Sense 5.5. Among the most significant changes in the gallery of 15 images are the presence of an easy toggle for BlinkFeed — HTC's home screen reader, which currently cannot be disabled on HTC One devices. Elsewhere in BlinkFeed, there are new categories to select, and a custom topics tab.

More details after the break.

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4 years ago

HTC and Goldgenie unveil 18ct gold HTC One for 18th MOBO awards


Just five of the limited edition phones, valued at £2,750, will be produced

To celebrate the 18th anniversary of the MOBO music awards, HTC has announced that it's partnered with gold phone producer Goldgenie to create an 18-carat gold-plated HTC One. Just five of the limited edition handsets, valued at £2,750 ($4,416), will be produced, with one going to the winner of the MOBO award for Best Newcomer at the ceremony on Oct. 19. There's no word on what's going to happen to the other four, but you can bet you probably won't find them hanging around your local carrier store.

It's the first time Goldgenie has partnered directly with a handset manufacturer, although the company did release its own, unofficial 24-carat gold-plated HTC One earlier in the year.

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4 years ago

HTC Asia invites point to possible One Max launch dates


Hong Kong event on Oct. 16, Taiwan on Oct. 18

The HTC One Max is almost upon us, with a slew of recent leaks having brought to light much information about the unreleased 5.9-inch handset. Previous reports have pointed to an unveiling on or around Oct. 15, and now a couple of invites sent out to the Asian press suggest that date might prove close to the mark. Engadget has received details of events taking place in Hong Kong on Oct. 16, followed by HTC's native Taiwan on Oct. 18.

"One finger opens up a big view. You are invited to immerse in the sound with us," states one of the invites. That certainly sounds a lot like the HTC One Max we've been getting to know through various leaks in recent months. Naturally, we'll keep you apprised of any further developments.

Source: Engadget

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4 years ago

Amazon taking international Chromecast orders [Updated]


Google streaming dongle now shipping internationally from Amazon.com

Update: It looks like Amazon is no longer processing Chromecast orders to shipping addresses outside the U.S. Existing order seem to be fine,  however.

Original story: Until now if you wanted to to get your hands on a Chromecast outside of the United States, you'd have to resort to an unofficial import through eBay, often with a significant markup. But today there's a more paletable option open to international buyers — Amazon.com is now taking orders for Chromecast from buyers outside the U.S. We've just been able to place an order to the UK, costing us around £22.59 plus shipping and import fees. Our friends at Ausdroid have confirmed that the deal is open to Australian buyers too, with prices starting at A$36.42 before tax and shipping.

For UK buyers, standard (8 to 14-day) shipping costs £5.79, while priority (two-day) shipping costs £21.28. In Australia it's A$11.02 and A$36.42 respectively. With standard shipping our UK order came to just over £34 — not at all bad for this type of product.

It's worth noting that while Chromecast may be shipping internationally from Amazon, the Chromecast app is still U.S.-only right now, meaning you'll need to track down the APK yourself once your dongle arrives.

More: Buy Chromecast from Amazon.com ($35, £22.59, A$38.64)

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4 years ago

LG introducing curved and cable batteries for future products


Two new battery technologies to power a future lineup of devices from LG

Following up on statements that it has already begun producing 6-inch curved displays, LG is also announcing that it is ready to produce curved batteries. Building up on previous advancements in battery technology that yielded the "stepped battery" in the LG G2, the LG Chem division of the company is now making the move to produce both curved and what it calls "cable batteries."

According to LG, the company has a patent on a "Stack & Folding" technology that lets it build a battery with several steps in it, producing the end result of a curved battery for devices in that form factor. Beyond the logical step of a curved phone, LG says that the batteries could be applied to watches and glasses as well. The curved batteries have already entered mass production, and will power the next set of phones from LG.

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4 years ago

Eric Schmidt's upcoming book will show how to make '21st century companies'


Narrowly-focused book to draw on experience at Google and other tech companies

Former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt is planning to release a new book next Fall that will draw on his experience at the company. The book, titled No Adult Supervision Required: How To Build Successful 21st Century Companies, will be co-authored by Senior VP at Google Jonathan Rosenberg and will share accounts of his time at Google.

"Getting products right requires attracting and managing a new breed of technically-savvy workforce, and this book offers a practical and accessible guide for how to do that."

Said Schmidt of the upcoming title, which will be narrower in focus than his previous one, and will be targeted at those who are looking to draw from his wisdom on running one of the largest technology companies in the world. The title for the book is a clear callback to his statements when stepping down as CEO of Google in 2011, where he said the company no longer needed "day-to-day adult supervision."

Source: Hachett Book Group (Doc)The Verge

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4 years ago

Tapatalk now free, HD version renamed 'Pro' with additional features


Free version updated with new interface styling for devices on ICS and newer

Following the release of a new tablet-optimized Tapatalk HD earlier this year and an updated Tapatalk 4 for phones in August, Tapatalk is making its base app free in Google Play. What is now just called "Tapatalk" is the latest version 4 update, with the new "holo" styling and features, which was previously a paid application that was $4.99 at launch.

The folks over at Tapatalk are actually doing an interesting dual APK offering from one Play Store listing, which will give the older-style Tapatalk 2 app to those on Android 2.3 and earlier (for compatibility reasons), and the Tapatalk 4 app to anyone on ICS and above. If you're a traditionalist and want the classic Tapatalk app, you can download it from its support pages.

Those who would like premium features will now have access to Tapatalk Pro for $2.99, formerly known as Tapatalk HD. This version offers full tablet optimization, and Tapatalk says it will continue to roll out more premium features at no additional cost in the future.

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4 years ago

AT&T to bring FiLIP smartwatch for kids to its network


Exclusive U.S. partnership helps parents keep in contact with their children

AT&T announced today that it is partnering with FiLIP to bring its smartwatch product to the U.S. as an exclusive to the carrier. FiLIP is targeted at parents as a device for their children to wear, keeping them in touch while they're apart without giving them access to the complexity of a complete phone. Much like the extremely simple phones made for younger kids, the FiLIP offers children direct messaging and calling with a pre-defined set of five contacts, as well as location information of the FiLIP back to the parents.

The child's FiLIP watch is controlled remotely by an app on the parent's smart phone, giving them access to all of its functions. From the app parents can monitor location information, talk to their child and set "Safe Zones" to alert the parent when the child enters or leaves a certain area.

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4 years ago

U.S. mobile data prices among most expensive in the world


Many countries pay less for mobile data, but the U.S. isn't as far behind as it may seem

In terms of raw prices, the U.S. ranks among the highest in the world in the cost of phone data plans. According to research by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) the average phone plan with 500MB of data costs $85 in the U.S., compared to $24.10 in China and $8.80 in the U.K., in terms of U.S. dollar Purchasing-power Parity (PPP).

The Economist has created a great interactive map showing off the price disparity across the globe, which illustrates how far behind the U.S. is in terms of the price of mobile data. Again in terms of the raw price of purchasing mobile phone plans with data, the U.S. is in the company of countries like Botswana, Angola and Morocco, where it can cost anywhere from $80 to $110 to have a phone with just 500MB of monthly mobile data.

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4 years ago

Clash of Clans sets up camp on Android


The massively popular iOS game finally comes to Android

Clash of Clans, a massively popular game for iOS, has found its way to Android today. Players build up settlements, gather resources, train troops, wage war against goblins and rival players alike, and complete missions.

Like most casual games, you get rewarded for just showing up, but there are real-time strategy elements too, such as creating base defenses, and figuring out troop placement when launching attacks. The Android version even includes all of the latest Hallowe'en-themed content. Of course, you'll find the usual free-to-play trappings here, such as lengthy timers for completing tasks and premium currency to skip those waits. 

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4 years ago

Google Play adds Game of Thrones, True Blood and other HBO programming


Even more HBO movies, TV series and documentaries coming in the future

Google Play has added several HBO programs to its library, filling one of the larger gaps in its offerings up to this point. Starting today, you can purchase individual episodes or entire seasons of the most popular HBO shows such as Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom, Veep, Girls and The Wire. Prices seem to land in the range of $2.99 per episode and $34.99 for a complete season down to $1.99 per episode and $14.99 per season.

Although it has hit many of the big names in this initial release, Google Play says that it has even more TV, movie and documentary content coming from HBO in the future. For now, you can go get your hands on all of the newly released content at the source link below.

Source: +Google Play; Google Play Store

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4 years ago

Verizon HTC One gets the S-Off treatment


A seemingly reliable one-click S-Off method now available for those who need it

A little over a month after its release, the Verizon HTC One now has a working S-Off method for willing tinkerers to give a try. The method, which was put together by a couple of users over at XDA, takes a bit of setting up and checking for prerequisites but is otherwise generally a one-click affair. You'll need to be running a 32-bit Linux or Windows install and have the proper drivers installed, as well as a 100 percent stock device that hasn't been tampered with at all.

Once you've checked all the boxes, it seems as though this S-Off method is providing the desired result for folks who have replied to the forum thread. If you're not sure why you'd want S-Off, it opens up the door for future hacking on the device, such as custom recoveries, RUUs from different models and all sorts of good frustration fun.

If you're willing to give it a run, be sure to do all of the required reading before diving into achieving S-Off on your device. We want fewer bricked devices out there if at all possible.

More: Verizon HTC One Forums

Source: XDA

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4 years ago

What you need from a smartphone, what you want, and how to get it - Talk Mobile


Back in late 2009, CrackBerry's Kevin Michaluk composed what he termed "the smartphone hierarchy of needs". Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which stretched from the physiological (food, water, shelter, air, etc) to self-actualization (creativity, morality, purpose, meaning, etc), Kevin's hierarchy sought to classify what he looked for in a smartphone, and in what order.

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