Our bosses do everything they can so we have weekends off around here. I love them for it, even though I'm that one guy who doesn't mind "working" Saturday and Sunday in exchange for time off throughout the week. Having Monday be your Friday is pretty awesome.

All that goes out the window whenever there is a tech "thing" going on somewhere and we have to be there to cover it. This weekend that means Mobile World Congress in beautiful Barcelona, and our own Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Alex Dobie are there, congressing and stuff. "Stuff" meaning trying to find enough time to see what they need to see and talk to the people they need to talk to. I do not envy them, even if that means a missed opportunity to visit Spain.

Fira fountains

I'll let you in on a secret; one people who travel for work already know. Traveling on the job stops being fun after the first time you get to do it. Seeing people you know and don't get to talk to very often is nice, but going somewhere like Barcelona or Berlin or San Francisco and spending every waking minute working kind of makes it suck. And you miss sleeping in your own bed and using your own shower and drinking your own milk right from the carton in the middle of the night.

Tech writers get to share all the cool things, but the exhausting parts are rarely mentioned. So let's raise a glass to Daniel, Andrew, Alex and all the rest of the road warriors who live out of a suitcase and have no idea where they will be sleeping next Wednesday. Cheers, and thanks for doing it.

So that's what the Android Central staff is up to this weekend — either being at MWC 2018 and covering all the stuff or being at home helping to cover all the stuff. What are you up to this weekend? And if you're traveling for business or pleasure, share a picture with us!