If you want to buy a BlackBerry KEYone, you'll be waiting until at least early April, but if you live in either New York City or Miami you can try one way before that!

After awesome turnouts in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress, and Toronto a week later, CrackBerry Kevin is holding a couple of fun little events that we're happy to tell you about. These are very informal get-togethers where BlackBerry fans, new and old, can chat about BlackBerry Mobile's upcoming hero phone, the KEYone.

CrackBerry Kevin celebrating 10 years of CrackBerry during MWC 2017!

I got a chance to try this phone in Barcelona and came away really impressed. This is a BlackBerry through and through, but with some modern niceties peppered throughout. It's just a BlackBerry Classic on a lot of caffeine. From the fingerprint sensor embedded in the hardware keyboard to the Pixel-quality camera and big, beautiful 4.5-inch screen, this is a phone to get excited about.

The two get-togethers are a few days apart. The Miami meet-up is scheduled for Friday, March 17, and the New York event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22nd, so make your plans soon! We'll see you there!

BlackBerry KEYone


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