Cobra bringing more Android-related accessories into vehicles at CES

Cobra Electronics, probably best known for its radar detectors and vehicle security systems, is bringing a couple new pieces of Android kit to CES next week in Las Vegas.

Android Central @ CES

First up is the Cobra Tag G5. It's an improvement on what you see above -- a "smart" key fob with companion app that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. If they get too far away from each other, an alarm sounds. It uses the new Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) standard for an expected life of at least six months when connected to a phone. (Ed note: Whoa.)

And then there's the Cobra JoyRide for Android. It pairs up Cobra's charging accessory and is basically a car mode app. It'll initiate phone calls or voice commands, share road hazard information and live police info, serve as a music app and launch other applications.

We'll be on the ground in Las Vegas to check it all out. See our complete CES coverage here.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Bang! Bang!
  • I'll get 2. The other I'll attach to my remote.
  • I hope you can disable the alarm function. When I get home, my keys are away from my cell phone a good chunk of the time! Still, it is good to see different applications being developed.
  • How far is too far?
    It would be great say at home 150 feet/ disabled, work 50 feet, a baseball game, etc. like 10 feet.
  • It's bluetooth, so ideally 30', but in real life about 1/2 of that.
  • Both of these items for 60.00? I am in!