Cloud Remote for PS4 vs Universal Remote for PS4: Which should you buy?

Universal Remote

An archaic design that's outlived its welcome in 2018.

Universal Remote

Traditional design

Cost efficient
Dedicated PS4 buttons
Compatible with up to three additional devices
Outdated design
Too many buttons
Larger size

Cloud Remote

If you're in the market for a PlayStation 4 remote, pick up the Cloud model.

Cloud Remote

Modern elegance

Sleek design
Cost efficient
Cloud-assisted technology
App control
Dedicated PS4 buttons
Less buttons for less confusion
Modern design may be too foreign for those unfamiliar with smart technology
Only compatible with PS4

What's the difference?

In terms of functionality, the major difference between the Universal and Cloud PS4 remotes is that the Universal model can also work with televisions, cable boxes, and audio receivers. The Cloud Remote does allow users to control power, input, and volume for their televisions while using their PS4s, but it is not a substitute or replacement for an actual cable box remote. Other than that, much of their usefulness remains the same.

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CategoryUniversal RemoteCloud Remote
Dimensions23.5cm x 4.19cm x 1.95cm15.39cm x 4.98cm x 1.83cm
Dedicated PS4 buttonsYesYes
Cloud technologyNoYes
App controlNoYes
TV/cable box/audio supportYesNo

What these features mean to you

How important these features are will vary from person to person, but it's always good to stay informed. If you're unfamiliar with a certain feature, like what Cloud technology really means for the Cloud Remote, I'll break it down for you so you can decide which remote suits you best.

Television, cable box, and audio receiver support

The Universal Remote for PS4 is just that: universal. Using infrared (IR) light, it can connect to a television, cable box, and audio receiver (up to three additional devices aside from your PS4) so that you can control all of them with only one remote instead of jumbling a few. Finished watching a movie on your PlayStation and want to switch back to cable to record your favorite show? You can easily do that with the Universal Remote. If you have a separate audio system and don't use the integrated speakers on your television, you can control that as well.

Cloud technology/app control

PDP implemented Cloud technology for its newest remote's app. This enables the Cloud Remote to auto-detect devices connected to your PS4 console for easier programming. The app can be downloaded directly onto your PS4 from the PlayStation Store.

Dedicated PS4 buttons

The PS4's four face buttons adorn both remotes, but the Cloud Remote also includes both bumpers and triggers as dedicated buttons. Certain media will require you to use them in order to select different options and navigate the console's interface since the PlayStation 4 was designed with its own controller's inputs in mind.

The bottom line

Considering their comparable price points and nearly identical functionality in regards to the PlayStation 4 console specifically, the Cloud Remote should be your remote of choice if you're in the market. The Universal Remote still gets the job done, it's just outdated in its design. I'd only recommend the Universal Remote if you prefer convenience and don't like keeping multiple remotes for different hardware.

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