A Close Look At The T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ

Mobile-review got their hands on the T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ and put it through the harsh light, snapping every angle of the device imaginable. Though the Motorola CLIQ doesn't release until November 2nd for $199.99, these high-quality snapshots should provide prospective buyers with a better idea of how the device looks.

Sadly, Mobile-review never managed to activate the device so we don't get a real-life look at how MOTOBLUR actually works. We'll definitely have our own in-depth look of the Motorola CLIQ in the future, so stay tuned! In the mean time feel free to hit the read link for the full gallery or the jump to see more pictures of the Motorola CLIQ!


hit the jump to see more pictures of the Motorola CLIQ!

Casey Chan
  • The linked Mobile-review site indicates that you just create a Motorola online account, and Motorola stores your passwords for social networks and, worse, e-mail accounts! I'm not comfortable distributing my e-mail passwords. (Since so many websites use e-mail accounts to confirm password resets, a poorly-guarded e-mail password can easily lead to full-fledged ID theft.) This could be a deal-breaker for me and the Moto Cliq.
  • I doubt that anyone could get in ur account and see the passwords that are stored. That wouldn't make any sense. If you're ignorant and afraid to setup the email then don't.
  • Data breaches are more common than you think -- Motorola isn't immune. Prudence, not ignorance, says guard your passwords. Since we haven't seen exactly how MotoBlur works yet, I don't know whether simply not setting up their e-mail client is a sensible solution.
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  • no the observed fact is the motorola cliq customers will be made to waite for what will seem like an eternity because everytime there is a newer phone comming out then that distributer or provider(google-nexus or sprint), will have adobe all to themselves so everyone else can and in our case will have to just waite for adobe to satisfy themselves that there is absolutly no more money out there to make before they concern themselves with this device that i and many other unfortunate customers are stuck with.
  • Will it have flash player?