Cincinnati Bell pushing Ice Cream Sandwich to HTC Sensation users

Cincinnati Bell has announced the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Sensation starts rolling out today. Sensation owners will get updated to Android 4.0.3, but there's no word on what version of HTC Sense to expect. We're fairly certain it will be 3.6, just like the other Sensations received. The OTA starting today is expected to be completed by April 30. Cinci Bell also stresses that users will not have to visit a store, nor will they lose any data during the update. Interestingly, they also state that customers don't have to update their phones, which is in contrast to most carriers who require the latest official version for any technical support. Holler out if you see this one!

Source: Facebook; More: Sensation forums;

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Wow...Tmobile, you just got lapped by Cincinnati Bell - how does it feel to get picked last for the dodge ball game. Good on ya CB - Tmo - you suck Slacker
  • Saw it this morning when I did a manual check for the update. Can't wait to get home and get the update.
  • Does Cincinnati Bell use WiFi calling on any of their devices or particularly the Sensation? If not that is probably one of the reason they are getting it before T-Mobile does. Actually at this point I fully expect an announcement from T-Mobile by next fall to say that the T-Mobile Sensation WILL NOT be getting ICS at all due to unresolved issues with WiFi calling.
  • CB does not use WiFi calling on any of their Androids -- only their Blackberries. Also, they have a deal with HTC in which HTC provides these updates directly (which is probably why they beat T-Mo). There are no bloat or bundled apps on their phones -- which provides for a very nice stock experience. My dad has a Sensation, so I'm bracing myself for the support phone call...
  • So if I pass on WiFi calling I wonder if this ROM is compatible with the Sensation 4G? Anyone know what bands CB uses? Time to hit XDA, I'm sure I'm not the first person to wonder this...