Chromecast also available from Currys/PC World + Amazon in the UK

Stores selling Chromecast for £30

Google's Chromecast streaming dongle launched in a raft of new countries early this morning, including the UK. But if you don't want to wait the extra couple of days for delivery, the device is also on sale at Currys and PC World. Both stores are now listing the device as available for home delivery or collection, meaning brick-and-mortar stores should also be stocking Chromecast. And it's also available from Amazon UK (opens in new tab) with next-day shipping.

The stores are listing the device with the same price as Google Play — £30 including VAT.

Source: (opens in new tab), Currys (opens in new tab), PC World

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  • and Amazon UK! Ordered £25 with Prime :D
  • I am trying so hard to justify buying one of these. My only concern is that I am doubling up on features I have in other devices. I have Sky+ HD, an Xbox 360 and a Sony Blu-Ray player that has youtube and Amazon Prime Instant. So is it really worth me buying one? I want to but I just can;t see anything at the moment that makes it a no brainer. Am I missing something?
  • If you only ever plan on using the services you've mentioned above then I wouldn't bother getting one. That said, what you do get with the Chromecast that you don't get with the devices you've mentioned is the extended functionality of phone/tablet apps (on both Android and iOS) that are growing by the day. For example, I can stream my favourite video podcasts (using BeyondPod) and stream local content (using AllCast) to my TV among a few other things. If this kinda thing doesn't appeal to you then perhaps best to avoid unless you're one to buy something on the potential it has? There's a tonne of potential here and I can't wait to see what else is in store from big content providers to the more nice app/development scene :)
  • All 35 had sold out by 10:30 in local high street Currys. Luckily, they had more coming in by the afternoon so the lady behind the counter gave me one of the ones already reserved for click and collect as there were 11 locked away there.
  • Got mine from Currys-PC World on my lunch. :)
  • Is there any point me getting one as I have an xbox 360, a smart TV and sky+ Hd? Posted via Android Central App
  • are there any good apps for streaming movies from my phone or tablet to the tv?
    If MX player ever release chromecast support, i'm buying one!
    i literally only need a chromecast to stream movies when i'm round a friend's house who's av setup doesn't have a usb port.
  • I've just reserved mine at Currys, I've got ps3,xbox and the now tv box, but I'm hearing they're flying off the shelves, better get in early ;-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Lol I have an apple TV, a chromecast, sky + HD, Wii and a now TV box. When it's so cheap it doesn't take much justification.
    Posted from my galaxy note 3
  • I'm impressed so far, more apps and this could be a great device for £30, much better than having to boot up the ps3 just to watch a movie on Netflix. Posted via Android Central App
  • Reserved mine at Curry's! Play time tonight! Posted via Android Central App
  • I've been checking out the chromecast all night :-) have to say it's great, watched a stream from the Chrome extension onto the dongle, then checked out the Google play services, so much better than other products I've tried.
    Posted via Android Central App