The Chrome Supervised Users feature is coming to an end on January 12

Google is ending support for the Chrome Supervised User feature starting January 12. Starting then, you'll no longer be able to create or re-import a managed user account and on January 15 remote supervision through will no longer be available.

Existing Supervised User accounts on Chromebooks as well as browser accounts on Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux will still function as they do now, but a manager will not be able to set or change any browsing restrictions or use any other management features.

Google says they are depreciating managed Chrome accounts in favor of the recently launched Family Link program, which also allows for Google account creation and web browsing restrictions in addition to app and device management for Android devices.

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Supervised User accounts were one of the many Chrome features that didn't get much attention. But if you are using a managed account, or are the manager of other Supervised User accounts, now would be a great time to look at switching everything over to the Family Link program. You'll have the same user features through the browser, as well as everything you need to keep tabs on the kids if they have an Android phone or tablet.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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