Emoji translation in Google Chrome

Lest you think you'd have to wait for April 1st for all of Google's April Fools' Day jocularity, there's more to be had tonight: try translate to emoji in Chrome on for size. That's what Google has in store for Chrome on Android, but they very cleverly intended it be saved for the day itself — the hidden feature doesn't activate until the date and time matches that of April 1st. But you can trick it by manually skipping your date forward to April 1st, when a tap on the overflow menu will offer you the Translate to Emoji (with a little yellow dude on a surfboard).

Tap that and a moment later Chrome will replace selected words from your text with emoji. If you're not used to reading a combination of text and emoji, it can be a bit disconcerting. Thankfully all it takes is tap on Show original (or a refresh of the page) to switch back to your original text.

That said, we don't really recommend skipping your date ahead just to play with a silly April Fools' Day gag a day early. You're bound to mess up your calendar, alarms, and the space-time continuum by doing so.

Source: Android Police