Chevrolet is adding Active Phone Cooling to some future models to keep your phone from overheating

Chevrolet is adding a new system to its upcoming 2016 Impala and Malibu lines called Active Phone Cooling. This system will come with vehicles that are equipped with wireless charging, in an effort to ensure that phones stay cool and don't overheat. During testing, Chevy noticed that when using the wireless charging feature in the vehicles, smartphones would get hot enough to stop charging, and even shut off. To combat this, they are adding a new air vent, and this is how it works.

An air vent connected directly to the car's air conditioning and ventilation system is directed to the charging bin where the phone rests for wireless charging, sending cool air to help lower the phone's temperature. Active Phone Cooling operates only when the HVAC system is turned on by the driver.

In addition to the 2016 Impala and Malibu, Chevy will be adding the Active Phone Cooling feature to its Volt and Cruze line.

Source: Chevy

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  • And what happens when the driver turns on heat? Posted via the Android Central App on My T-Mobile LG G4
  • It works when hvac is on. That includes heat. The system is smart and will direct cool air to the charging station vent. Posted from my Asus ZenFone 2.
  • Got it Posted via the Android Central App on My T-Mobile LG G4
  • How do you know that it will use cold air when the heat is on exactly? HVAC stands for heating ventilation air conditioning Posted via the Android Central App
  • I know what hvac means, which is why I'm pretty sure it includes the heat system. Surely Chevrolet isn't stupid enough to vent heat into a space designed specifically for cooling. Posted from my Asus ZenFone 2.
  • You can never be to sure. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hey guys. I work for Chevrolet. Fear not, if the heater is on, it will definitely NOT blow hot air into the phone bin.
  • Even my VW always blows cold air into the glove box when the cooling vent is open in there. Posted via the Android Central App
  • ChadHLyons haha lmao! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Because the designers aren't complete morons?
  • Youd be surprised. I fix cars for a living. they do some moronic things often
  • +1 via AC App on
    VZW Moto X 2014/ DE 2013/ N7
  • Your phone turns into a T-1000.
  • It directs the air from before the radiator, not after it. So basically it just blows cabin air over and under the phone.
  • This and I'm about to buy a 2015 model lol don't really have to have wireless charging though as my current device don't support it lol Posted via my Moto G 2nd gen on Cricket
  • Buy a new Chevrolet, get a SD810 phone free!
  • You read my mind on the 810 lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Noticed my G4 is sensitive to the heat. 30 min of navigation use and pops up with the message saying phone being too hot and force shutdown soon. That's why I invested in vent clip phone holder during the summer. And maybe when I buy a car, I'd look into this option for it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wow. That would piss me off. --- This message brought to you via the sarcasm keyboard available for download at the Google Play Store.
    LG-G2 on Lollipop.
  • I have my mount attached to the windshield and I dedicate at least one vent in its direction in order to keep the phone cool. Works like a charm.
  • Was just about to say that. The goose neck holders work great doing this method. It's the sun beating down on while using nav. Nexus 5 (AT&T)
  • Same thing I do. Virginia Beach to Philly no problems. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Used a vent clip, noticed using heat phone was very hot. Posted via S5 Active
  • Hmmm who knew...learn something new every day /s Posted via my S6 Edge running Extreme Syndicate at warp speed
  • Really? That's weird. I use Google maps a lot, sometimes for almost an hour (trip there, trip back). I've never seen that message. Are you charging at the same time? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Same here. It has to be the charging. via AC App on
    VZW Moto X 2014/ DE 2013/ N7
  • I noticed on all of my Android phones that they overheat after 30 min of Hangouts (no video) chat and the same case with the old Google chat - that's the way Google apps roll :)
    But in case if you are keeping your phone on the charger while navigating I think that any device will overheat, simply because of the big power draw with current getting into the battery. That's why I always wished that the phones had a hardware design like laptops (those with removable batteries), so you can choose to power it through the cord without the battery and that way prevent overheating of chips and battery, avoid emergency shut off and have a longer battery life.
    At least that's how I dealt with my laptops so far.
    I think that I managed to do that with gNex but can't really recall now. via AC App on
    VZW Moto X 2014/ DE 2013/ N7
  • Chevy needs to fix their current problems. Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Lollipop 5.0.1 on the T-Mobile Network.
  • I am sure this was not the only thing they changed in these models.
  • Cool! (Pun not intended.)
  • Pun not intended, yet still amusing! Posted from a Nexus 6 via the Android Central App
  • Absurd... They probably add $500. For this.. They should worry about building a quality product.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • They do. These cars have been getting better and better. Heck, their baseline Spark is ridiculously good for a tiny econobox. And they include functionality standard that luxury models don't.
  • You're absolutely right, EVERY engineer at GM has been working on this, and nothing else.
  • Glad to see more cars coming with wireless charging. Also glad to see iPhones are not guiding the technology.. Wireless charging would be at least 5 years out if that was the case Nexus 5 (AT&T)
  • Ha-ha that "innovative" phone JUST got 1080 and only on the Plus model. Good thing we don't follow Apple or we would be still rockin dual core processors with measly 2GB of RAM. Posted via my Nexus 6
  • I like the idea. Posted via Android Central App
  • Really, really great. This is a huge problem. Heck, I have this problem with wired charging at times, but wireless proved useless in my car. That said, this still is a setup that makes it impossible for me to use navigation or the like in my phone, so I doubt I'd ever use it. If it somehow tied into Android Auto, that'd be nice, but as that requires being wired, I don't think it'll pan out. Still, I applaud them for coming up with a solution to this.
  • or you could use your nav with out having to stare at a screen an just listen to the voice commands...
  • I have a hard time understanding the damn thing half the time though.
  • Now THAT'S how you cool a phone with a Snapdragon 810.
  • I've always wondered why there wasn't a vent to cool where you would put a phone. For me it's using a suction cup on the left side of the wheel. Have a small vent that can blow onto the back of the phone (vent mounts are finicky). Also, why isn't there a power outlet on the left side of the steering wheel for charging? I always have to drape the power cable across my steering wheel. This idea is good but having the phone lie flat makes little sense since most use their phone (GPS/music) and want it facing them. Good idea though, especially for NV/AZ drivers. It gets SO hot and phones basically shut down, but I could design a better solution. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why don't they just have it activate that specific vent when the charging coil becomes active. That way it's guaranteed never to overheat, but you don't have to crank up the AC everywhere else if you don't want to. And the consumer doesn't have to worry. But it also wouldn't waste energy by activating if the phone wasn't charging.
    Although that would probably be an "optional feature" for another $1000. Posted via the Android Central App
  • WOW! Another gadget to add $12 bucks a month to your payment.....
  • To name Active Phone Cooling to a couple holes in the dashboard.... sounds like marketing is earning its paycheck
  • That has to be the most expensive HTC M9 Accessory
  • Yes, so you can run non-stop benchmarks while driving... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Is the Android Auto plug in the tray too? Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint Lollipop}
    Galaxy S III {FreedomPop 4.3}
    LG G2 {Sprint 4.4.2}
  • What's the point of putting wireless charging in a car anyways?... first off they should be putting Android Auto in there instead of wireless charging. Secondly, I'm not sure I'd trust using wireless charging in a vehicle unless my phone was in a mount to keep it in place. And lastly, wireless charging is too slow... most of my trips in a vehicle are shorter and when I need to charge my phone I need fast charging. Don't get me wrong, I use wireless charging all the time and I think it is great and saves wear and tear on the USB port... I just don't think wireless charging makes sense in a vehicle... I'd much rather see development dollars spent towards Android Auto, and to use AA you have to plug your phone in anyways so you phone will be charging then.