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Android Brightness settingsSo you've got this snazzy new phone, with some snazzy "Super AMOLED" or "SLCD" or "AMOLED" or "LCD" screen -- or whatever the tech buzzword of the week happens to be.

Your phone has a sensor (also called an ambient light sensor) that automatically adjusts the brightness on the screen depending on how bright it is where you happen to be. (That's the "ambient light" part.) You'll likely notice your phone's screen doing dim or brightening throughout the day. The idea is to keep it low, but not too low, to save on battery life.

But what if it's just not bright enough for you? Go to Menu>Settings>Display>Brightness and uncheck the "Automatic brightness" box. You'll now have a slider with which you can adjust your screen.

Most phones (especially those on Froyo) also have widgets that let you adjust to low, medium and high brightness.

We don't recommend running around with your phone's screen turned up all the way, but you're free to do so if you want. Just don't come complaining to us about how quickly your battery drains.

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Change your screen's brightness level


Except, of course, for the web browser, which still inexplicably has its own separate brightness setting!

WTF, Google?

Which web browser has its own Brightness setting?

Not found on my Nexus One, so you probably can't blame Google.

Yes Galaxy S series has Brightness control in the default browser.
My Samsung Captivate had it but my Nexus One does not.

I'm assuming they have a Samsung device cause I was just playing around with a Galaxy tab today and when I opened the browser the screen suddenly dimmed. I was like what the heck. Then I realised the browser had its own setting.

I have a Samsung Epic, and my phone has a separate brightness setting on the browser. I always thought it was kind of weird, too.

Yeah, the default browser on my Samsung Fascinate has its own brightness setting too.

For more drastic dimming (like reading in bed at night) the "screen filter" app is really good.

Thanks I'll check it out. then maybe the wife will stop elbowing me while I read android central

OK not to come off as sounding 1337ist but is a tutorial on changing the bright settings really needed? I admit that I consider myself very technically competent, so maybe I'm giving normal users too much credit. But this seems like the equivalent of "welcome to your new car: an introduction to the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator". *shrugs* I guess an over abundance of guides is better then not enough.

is there any way to dim the screen further than it will allow you normally? i feel like the lowest setting is still too bright in some low-light situations.

On my SGS i can change brightness level by simply sliding my finger in the notification bar regardless of the application i'm running at that moment.

From right to left: decrease brightness
From left to right: increase brightness