Caviar's limited-edition Galaxy S22 Ultra uses 24K gold and crocodile leather

Caviar Galaxy S22 Ultra Ocelot
Caviar Galaxy S22 Ultra Ocelot (Image credit: Caviar)

What you need to know

  • Caviar has launched its customized limited-edition versions of Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones.
  • There are six different collections on offer, starting at $5,980.
  • The customized models use ultra-premium materials such as 24K gold, carbon fiber, and lightweight titanium.

Russian luxury smartphone and accessories brand Caviar has introduced customized versions of Samsung's new Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra.

The most affordable of the six collections is Titanium, which has been designed for those "who appreciate all things exclusive, but do not like to show off." It starts at $5,980 for the vanilla Galaxy S22 and goes up to $7,220 for the 512GB Galaxy S22 Ultra model.

Caviar's "Victory" collection Galaxy S22 phones feature black PVD titanium on the top part, while the bottom is covered with black crocodile leather. The lineup starts at $6,220 for the 128GB Galaxy S22 model.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Caviar

Source: Caviar (Image credit: Source: Caviar)

The "Bird of Prey" models combine goldplating with beige crocodile leather and a V-shaped Caviar "tick." This bright new collection starts at $6,370 and goes up to $7,600.

The "Drive" collection of Samsung's best Android phones come with a titanium body covered in black automotive carbon fiber and feature decorative bolts on the reinforced titanium frame. The whole design is inspired by "high-speed cars." It is available from $6,370.

Inspired by the Art Deco era, the "Great Gatsby" S22 collection features a 3D Art Deco geometric pattern on the lower part of the body, made using gold-plated jewelry alloy. The models also have durable PVD titanium around the camera block. The collection starts at $6,450 for the Galaxy S22 and $6,980 for the S22 Ultra.

The most expensive Galaxy S22 model from Caviar is "Ocelot," which, like "Great Gatsby," is inspired by the Art Deco era. The camera block on the "Ocelot" Galaxy S22 series phones is covered with a gold-plated jeweled steel inlay that has a spotted pattern "reminiscent of the skin of the ocelot."

They also have an Art Deco-style geometric pattern laser engraved on the bottom titanium part. The collection starts at $6,600 for the vanilla Galaxy S22. While the "Ocelot" collection is no doubt very expensive, it is still a lot more affordable than the $77,230 Galaxy S21 Ultra "Golden 21" Caviar introduced last year.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S22

While it may not look as unique as the Caviar luxury edition models, Samsung's standard Galaxy S22 offers great value and comes with an impressive new 50MP main camera. The phone is also more durable than previous Galaxy flagships and features Qualcomm's 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen chipset.

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