Caseology Legion Note 10+ Case review: Old-school design with A+ protection

If you're the kind of person to shell out $1100 for a new Note 10+, I'm willing to bet you're the kind of person who likes to be on the cutting edge of technology. The latest specs, the latest design, and the latest models are great, but when it comes to protecting those cutting edge phones, sometimes the old ways are best.

New case models and styles are always fun to try, but I find myself falling back to the same reliable styles for protecting my Note 10+, because this is a big and (at times) unwieldy phone, and I don't want to exacerbate that with a case that's slicker and grip and more style than substance. Lucky for us all that classic cases are still here for the latest Note 10+, like old faithful herself: the Caseology Legion.

The Good

  • Easy to get case on and off
  • Sturdy protection
  • Love the carbon fiber accents on the TPU bumpers
  • Blue compliments Aura Blue very well

The Bad

  • Needs some texture on the sides

Caseology Legion Note 10+ Case Classic for a reason

Classic style

This is perhaps one of the most iconic case designs of the last decade, and despite all the advancements we've made in case materials and drop protection, this hybrid style is still one that's pretty hard to beat. The Legion uses a TPU sleeve to hug the Note 10+'s sizeable frame while a hard polycarbonate shell snaps snugly onto the back and sides, adding stability and sturdiness while also offering a nice flat expanse to stick phone grips or card slots onto.

Legion has sported carbon fiber accenting on the TPU back where it isn't covered by the hard shell for a couple generations now, and it provides a nice contrast and a bit of texture to offset the otherwise totally flat back. Tapering around the sides of the case helps it feel slimmer in the hand than it is, and the button covers are well-raised and easy to press without any feelings of mushiness or gaps. The lip around the screen is well-rounded and a nice height.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this old-school hybrid over more intricate models like the Casology Parallax is that you don't need to disassemble the case to get it off the Note 10+. Since the top and bottom of the phone are only covered by flexible TPU, you can work the corners free with minimal effort and pop the phone out or in at a whim, a great feature if you tend to swap cases at the drop of a hat like me.

Never worry about bulky cables or adapters getting pinched with the Legion: the USB-C port cutout here is big enough even the bulkiest OTG adapters and USB-C stands should have no case interference. The S Pen cutout is wide as well, though I do wish it was a little shorter on the corner side so that both sides of the case's bottom corners were even.

Caseology Legion Note 10+ Case What's getting stale

Blank blue

The Legion is a series that's been around the block a few times — to say nothing of all the other case makers who have used this style over the years — and while years of refinement have made the Legion dependable and durable, they've also made it a bit boring. Fresh color options — or even just some TPU color options besides black — would help spice things up considerably more than the admittedly tasteful carbon fiber accents.

Some textures on the sides of the Legion would also help immensely. The flat chamfered look is a slick one, and I mean that quite literally. The Legion doesn't slip out of my hands like a bar of soap, but I do wish there were some grooves or ridges on the sides like I saw on the Spigen Air Armor and the Armadillotek Vanguard series. It helps the phone feel more stable in the hand, especially when walking around Galaxy's Edge in the Florida heat.

Caseology Legion Note 10+ Case

Join the Legion!

This may be considered an old style for a case, but there's a reason it's endured: it works well, fits fabulously, and is far easier to get on and off than cases with a more integrated polycarbonate frame like the Spigen Neo Hybrid or Caseology Parallax. The Caseology Legion is like old faithful: it's a case you can rely on to protect your new Note year after year.

4.5 out of 5

The color selection is still rather small, but the Blue option complements the Aura Blue expertly, the port cutouts are wide but not too exposed, and the feel in the hand is solidly smooth. Combine that dependable quality and sturdy protection with an affordable price and you have yourself a winner with the Legion.

Ara Wagoner

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