The world of third-party Twitter apps is anything but certain these days, so it's good to see one of the more popular apps getting a major update. Carbon, which has been mostly stagnant for some six months, is getting a pretty major update in version 1.2.0. 

Included in the update is a new widget, in-app browsing and support for Vine and Youtube directly within the app. Plus there are new styles available, a bunch of newly supported image previews and update frequency options. And, conversations are back following a change to Twitter's API.

What's more is that the developer hopes that this marks the start of smaller but more frequent updates. Let's just hope Twitter doesn't spoil that party.

We've got the big strokes after the break, and hit the source link for more, as well as the list of bugfixes.

Source: +Carbon for Android

What's new in Carbon v1.2.0

  • 4x1 Home Screen Widget for quick actions (The original)
  • In-App Browser
  • YouTube API and in-app YouTube video playback
  • Vine videos Timeline Preview and playback
  • People Search
  • Tweet font size options
  • Quote style options
  • New Image Viewer screen
  • Save Image option
  • User Profiles now include users Favorites and Mentions
  • All JPEG, PNG URLs are now previewed on Timelines
  • Imagur Image previews added
  • Image Upload option to Twitpic
  • Notification frequency options of 5 up to 120 minutes.
  • Option disable image/video previews on Timeline
  • Timeline context options are now dismissible via back button