Can I play my Steam games on GeForce Now?

NVIDIA GeForce Now
NVIDIA GeForce Now (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Yes! NVIDIA GeForce Now supports a lot of games, most of which are playable through your Steam library. GeForce Now says it now support more than 2,000 games that can be played through single-session installs, which also utilizes your Steam library. In essence, if you own a game on Steam, there's a chance you can play it on GeForce Now.

What is NVIDIA GeForce Now?

Initially revealed in 2017, GeForce Now is a game streaming service that allows players to access NVIDIA's servers to stream games they already own. Unlike other services that have you buy games in order to play them on a service, GeForce Now allows players to play mostly whatever is in their gaming library already. Thankfully, playing games is just as easy as the service sounds, as players can quickly boot up the app on a computer, select a game and install it, and be playing right away.

Because GeForce Now is also supported on Android devices and the NVIDIA Shield, you can also take your games on the go, and play high-end titles no matter where you are.

After being in beta for nearly three years, the service is now open to everyone in two formats. Players who want to experience GeForce Now can sign up for free, but will be limited to one-hour sessions of gaming. On the other hand, there is a Founders membership currently available, which gives players access to the service for a $5 per month fee. Players who subscribe to the Founders membership will get the added benefit of priority access into the service, as well as extended gaming sessions, which means they'll be able to play for hours at a time. It's important to note, though, that there is a chance the price of GeForce Now will go up in the future.

Can you play Steam games on GeForce Now?

As stated above, GeForce Now works in conjunction with your gaming library, meaning nearly everything in your Steam library is available to play. This works by either selecting the game you want to play from the GeForce Now app, or through the use of single-session installs. Installing a game is pretty easy, and involves going through the same process you normally would, only on the GeForce Now app. Save data is synced through Steam as well, meaning that you can play games on GeForce Now and pick them up somewhere else should you need to. You can check out the full list of games available on GeForce Now over on its website, which also lists whether the game is available on Steam or not.

While GeForce Now works with a large majority of games, there are some titles that won't work. For example, after working for most of the beta period, NVIDIA pulled all Activision Blizzard games from the service once it went live, although it hopes to gain them back sometime soon. Likewise, companies like EA, Capcom, and many others choose not to partner with GeForce Now. This is updating all the time, so we'll be sure to alert you of any changes.

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