Call, text, and surf with 25% off Tello Mobile's monthly plans

Tello Mobile Operator
Tello Mobile Operator (Image credit: Tello)

Getting a little tired of watching the numbers next to that dollar sign on your phone bill creep higher and higher every month? Trying to cut back on some of those expenses without losing a lot of the features you've grown used to? Tello Mobile could be an option for you, and the choice becomes a lot easier when you notice Tello is discounting all its major plans by 25% off for the first six months right now.

You can get unlimited text and talk with 1GB of data for just $7.50 a month. Compared to its normal price of $10 a month, that's a total of $45 instead of $60 over the next half a year. Upgrade to 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB and save 25% with every iteration. Or go big with a plan that includes unlimited everything, including data up to a whopping 25GB, for just $29.30 a month, which is $10 off its regular price. This is a unique sale that starts today, June 10, and ends on June 30. Sign up while you can and save big.

Tello Mobile

Make calls without breaking your budget. You can save 25% and choose from several data plans that all include unlimited text and talk. The savings count for every month for the next six months. You can even get "Unlimited Everything" for $10 off. It's all discounted but only through the end of the month.

We have taken a hard look at Tello Mobile in the past, and it's one of the best wireless providers around. Our review gave Tello 4 out of 5 stars and a Recommended badge. Joe Maring and Samuel Contreras said, "The plans are incredibly affordable, you won't have to mess with contracts of any kind, tethering is free, and there's a pretty great referral program to boot."

With a slew of prepaid carriers to choose from, one way Tello outshines the competition is in price. It was already inexpensive before, which makes today's deal a true bargain. Like our review pointed out, all of the plans also include the ability to turn your smartphone into a hotspot for free tethering. You can share your plan's balance free of charge with other devices. You can even make free international calls to more than 60 countries.

This is an automatically renewing plan. After the six discounted months are up it will renew at its normal rate. If you don't want to keep it up you can cancel anytime. You can also just adjust it if you find you need some more data or aren't using up what you signed up for. Plans do have 30 days of rollover if you end up with remaining balance.

Check out all the possibilities available for 25% off right now and sign up before this deal disappears.

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