Kodak smartphone

The Bullitt Group will launch a lineup of Android-based smartphones and tablets using the Kodak brand next year, with plans to launch their first device at CES 2015 in early January.

The Bullitt Group has some experience in this kind of agreement; it has released a line of rugged Android phones under the Caterpillar brand in the past. Details about their new Kodak devices are scarce at the moment, and there's no word on what kinds of cameras will be in these phones. However, Bullitt's press release says:

Aimed at - but not exclusively for - consumers who want a high-end experience but aren't always as comfortable using increasingly complicated mobile devices as they would like to be, the range of smartphones and tablets will come pre-loaded with bespoke image capture, management and sharing features to offer a rich user experience. In addition, advanced remote management software will be pre-installed, allowing family members and friends to provide help and support if needed.

While the first Kodak handset will launch at CES 2015, other devices in the lineup will go on sale during the second half of the year, including a "4G handset, a tablet and a connected camera."

Source: Bullitt Group