Build your own media server with this NAS-ready 10TB hard drive deal

Build a better NAS
Build a better NAS (Image credit: Android Central)

Rather than paying $10 per month to Google or Dropbox forever, build your own home server that can be used to privately and securely store all your files and movies. Once you set up a NAS, you can watch the videos you store on it from anywhere easily, and if your NAS is set up properly, even if one of the hard drives inside your multi-bay NAS enclosure goes bad, you'll never lose data because the data is redundantly backed up on multiple drives in the bay.

Blacky Friday is giving us deals of storage in every shape, size, and capacity, and while more general-purpose hard drives that you can use in your desktop or expand your new PS5 with, there are NAS-specific hard drives down to great prices, like the Western Digital Red Plus.

The Red Plus uses conventional magnetic recording to store its data — as opposed to the shingled magnetic recording used by the regular WD Red series — for better write performance and RAIDm rebuild support. The workload rate for the Red Plus series is 180TB a year, and the Red Plus series is made for NAS systems that support up to eight hard drive bays.

Western Digital drives are known for longevity and durability, and the drive comes with a three-year warranty. If you're building a NAS from scratch this Black Friday, you'll need to buy two of these, but given that this is the lowest price we've seen yet for the 10TB Red Plus, that should be easier to bear today. Having multiple drives and data redundancy means that when one of your multiple drives dies, you won't lose part of your data forever into the void.

Ara Wagoner

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