Bug causes Galaxy S8 and Note 8 screen to turn on randomly while charging

Galaxy S8 on wireless charging stand
Galaxy S8 on wireless charging stand (Image credit: Android Central)

When you charge your phone, you typically just plug it in or place it on a wireless charging pad and forget about it. It's a process that you don't really think about on a daily basis, but when something goes wrong with it, it can prove to be awfully irritating.

For some users of the Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8, the display on their phones is randomly turning on for no apparent reason while charging. There are reports of this happening on Reddit and Samsung's own (opens in new tab) community forums (opens in new tab), and while it's an issue that doesn't seem to be very widespread, it does sound like a bugger.

One owner of the S8+ says that the screen turns on every ten seconds while charging, and there are a couple videos making their way around that show this odd behavior in action. The screen randomly turns on, turns off, and then turns on again for a seemingly endless number of times.

Factory resets and wiped caches don't seem to have helped at all, and while some users claim this only happens while wireless charging, there are others saying the issue persists whether they're charging wirelessly or with a cable.

Samsung has yet to address what's happening here, but if/when this happens, we'll let you know.

If you own a Galaxy S8/S8+ or Note 8, have you noticed this behavior?

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  • I wonder if it's been addressed in the beta oreo update.
  • I'm in the beta. No issues.
  • May be a bug landed on screen :)
  • The screen on my S8 will turn on when the battery hits 100%. No other time that I've noticed.
  • Yeah, that's normal. My Note 4 did that, too.
  • The video looks like that phone was at 100% when it turned on, mine does the same thing.
  • "Me, too" - some braindead AOL'er
  • I only charge my note 8 when I sleep... so never see this behavior
  • That's weird. No problems with my Note8, though.
  • Mine turns on at 100% as well while wireless charging. After that, it turns on every 10 to 20 seconds. I'm on the 4th oreo beta update, so that hasn't helped it. Never noticed it do this while using a cable.
  • I've never noticed this on my S8 plus. I charge my phone mostly wireless & as others have stated, I've seen my screen come on after it's done charging.
  • Every so often while wireless charging for me in a note 8.
  • I can bet all my money this guy dropped his phone hard with a good case.
    This started happening to my friend too after he dropped the phone from the second floor
    to a cement flooring with an otterbox defender case. Nothing happened to the phones glass, but
    obviously he damage the internals.
  • Mine has done it since the day it came out of the box. Pretty annoying because I have to stick it in a drawer while it's charging so it won't keep me awake.
  • It could be due to the phone producing alerts, for say, a received text message or email. Have those who have experienced this, ruled out these kind's of things?
  • Did you watch the video? Did you see any alerts on his/her phone? No? Ok...
  • You can't tell from the video. Notifications may be turned off while on locked screen.
  • This could also be happening when the ringer is on mute or vibrate, as a way to alert the user that they have a notification. We don't know what the phone was set to in the video, do we?
  • Did you also see his brightness is as bright as the devil's *******?
  • I have an otterbox defender case for my Note 8 and have the issue when wireless charging is struggling to work through the case. When I take the case off the issue goes away.
  • Haven't had any problems and I'm on the 4th beta. It comes on after it charges 100%.
  • My s8 does it. I know it does it at 100% charge and I believe periodically more often. I haven't really troubleshooted but one word think Samsung wo d address. I almost always only uses the Samsung wired charger.
  • My note 8 just started doing this as well
  • My S8 does this. It has never been dropped. I charge it using a cable. Only way to keep the screen from coming on (for me) at night is to shut the phone off. I also leave it face down! A minor annoyance at worst.
  • I've seen this happen with the S8. It's also happening when the phone is not being charged and not being used.
  • That's what mine is doing..... non-stop. On my second one, which is doing it worse than the one I returned the day after I got it. Will be returning this one and trying a different phone. It's maddening!
  • Didn't realize this was widespread. Happens with my S8+ only when I use my wireless charger. When this happens I usually end up taking if off the charger for a few minutes then put it back on. Definitely annoying and had this issue for months already.
  • So glad I don't have this issue *knock on wood* ... I'd end up smashing my S8+ into a thousand pieces. How annoying that must be.
  • This literally happens to me all the time, I thought it was just me!!! 😂
  • Had this happen a few times. Then I set up the screensaver using Google clock when wirelessly charging. It hasn't happened since, and I like having the clock, especially at night by my bedside. Edit: I have a GS8.
  • Mines turns on at every charging percentage interval. So when going from 51% to 52% while charging. Once it hits 52% it'll turn on, and so on and so forth... It's very annoying, and only does it while charging
  • Happened on my S8 once in a while. Changed wireless charging pads and it stopped.
  • So far my S8 and my wife's Note 8 do not exhibit such behaviour.
  • The screen will come on when you begin charging, and most phones will turn on the screen once when full. Other than notifications, there's no reason for the screen to keep coming on unless it has a poor connection to the pad or cable, or if the charger output is low. Wonder if those having the issue are using the original charge equipment, or aftermarket.
  • yes, it is turning on at 100 and when it goes down a little it charges and goes back to 100 and turns back on. Very irritating.
  • My AT&T S8+ started doing this after the November update. It also quit shutting the lock screen off after 10 seconds of inactivity and instead waited for the 3 minute time I had set for the main screen. After the screen turned off it would come back on in 10-15 sec and repeat the process. This was after hitting 100% on the wireless charger. I finally did a factory reset to fix it and have reactivated/installed all my apps except bxActions and a package disabler. One of those two brought back the bug so had to do a second factory reset. This was a very annoying bug. Even if you don't notice it, you don't want your AMOLED screen getting burned in like that.
  • Why would your phone be inches from your face to notice? Seems a bit ridiculous because you can also just turn the brightness down and boom problem solved
  • If it's a proximity sensor issue, you could probably turn the phone upside down to fix the issue.
  • I'd be worried that this would ultimately affect battery life. For those with the problem, is the phone warmer than it should be?
  • I've seen it occasionally with my S8+, but it's pretty rare for me. The only consistency is when the battery gets to 100% charged the screen will turn on for a few seconds. My biggest issue with the phone is I can no longer locate the option in settings to disable an app from ever running in the background. LinkedIn is definitely running in the background even though I set it to always sleep after I close it. I'm sure there are other apps/games because my battery is draining a lot faster than when I first got it a couple months ago.
  • This has never happened once to me.
  • Judging by the video, that doesn't look like an official cable. I'd be curious if it isn't a cable or charger issue.
  • Sounds like a minor software issue to me. Nowhere near as serious as the 0% battery shutdown issue.
  • I wouldn't mind my S8+'s screen randomly turning on while wirelessly charging...that would mean it was actually charging, which it won't on any wireless charger I've tried. 2nd new S8+ with the same problem. Hanging around hoping Oreo fixes this once I get it.
  • No issues on both wireless and wired charging. N9500 variant.
  • Samsung phones have done this for years. When charging gets to 100% the screen turns on and charging actually stops. Once the charge dips a little (somewhere between 99% and 100%) the phone starts charging again. Then when it gets to 100% the screen comes on again. Over and over and over again.
  • It hasn't happened to my Note8 since I received it from pre-order.
  • I wonder if they'll fix the bug that causes those giant black bars on the side of the screen when people record a video. That bug is horrible.
  • I am having this issue on the Note 8. It is currently plugged in to charge and the screen turns on every 10 secs and beeps. It has been doing this for a few days now.
  • I got my GS8 a couple of days ago and mine is doing the same thing (That's how I found this place, looking for an answer)
    I am using the quick charger that came with the phone, attached to a non-Samsung wireless charger. That could be the problem now that I saw someone say that in their comment
  • @Petri Dish Does it only happen literally or does it sometimes do it figuratively? (Insert emoticon with rolling eyes (there really should be one of those))
  • My screen kept turning on... and I learned that all it was, was a stuck Bixby button.... Once I yanked it out, no more random screen wake ups.
  • Or it could be from Greenify app... After uninstalling Greenify, mine seem to not wake up anymore on its own. Either way, it doesn't happen anymore.
  • I can't day why this is occurring, but I will now an observation I made a couple of months ago with my S8. I use an aftermarket wireless charger in my car. The one had before had a protection circuit that would so the wireless charging when it was over a certain temperature. It would cycle between charging and not charging. Something like this could cause a similar issue. Aiming my air conditioner vent at the charger would eliminate the problem. I have since changed chargers and it no longer has this issue. Might be worth noting of those affected are using OE or aftermarket charging bases and which USB adapter they are using.
  • Yeah this happens with my Note 8.. It's random, but when I place it on the wireless chargers (have the newest Samsung & Tylt chargers) the screen will sometimes turn on. It doesn't happen all the time, but does happen & on both wireless chargers.
  • I have that problem wireless charging my Note
  • Just got the S8 yestersday. It cycles on and off all the time, even when not charging. Wiped the battery out in 6 hours the first day. Took it back and got another one. It's even worse. Seriously Samsung?? Fix this. Will be going back to the store tomorrow and won't be getting a Samsung. Had the S5 for 3 years and loved it until it started slowing down and the battery life went. Wish I had read these reviews first.
  • Oh, good, I'm not crazy after all. I got sent a S8 as an insurance replacement for my broken S7 Edge and it's done this every single night when it's on the charger. Have to either drape a shirt over it or stick it in a drawer so it won't keep me awake.
  • It hasn't been addressed in the oreo update. I just bought a Galaxy s8+, and I wouldn't have bought it if I'd realized that it can't be used with a Mophie juice pack because of this bug. The screen keeps constantly lighting up, and there's a message at the bottom of the screen saying that it charges faster with a fast-charging device. It happens over and over and over and over and over, to the point where you just can't use the juice pack. It's especially annoying at night, when the screen keeps turning on when you're trying to sleep.
  • Mine has been doing this for a month or so, calling last dialed number in my pocket, or texting, or Bixby comes on chattering in a meeting....I can set it on a table up or down and it comes on, hit power button briefly turn it off, seconds later pops back on....I found a setting in "Accessibility" called Easy on mode, this appears to be the culprit. I turn it and every other sensor alert off and finally it has stopped. No more glaring blasts of light in the middle of the night, or pocket calls.....
  • I had this problem with two replacement S8's recently and searched far and wide for a solution. I found this one, and am sorry I can't remember what site it was on, but it worked for me! My phone no longer turns on when 100% charged (or any other time it felt like it). Go to the settings menu on your GS8.
    Scroll down to the "System section and tap "About Device."
    Now scroll down to "Build number."
    Tap the "Build number" section seven times. (You'll see a warning that you're about to unlock developer options.)
    Now back out to the main settings menu, and you'll see "Developer options" listed. Under DEVELOPER option, uncheck Stay Awake!
  • My hubby's note 8 is doing this but mine is not.
  • Maybe nothing is coincidental. Lights, camera, action.