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What you need to know

  • Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton has told Reuters that he is willing to pay up to $2 billion to Sprint to buy back the prepaid wireless brand.
  • Sprint is offloading Boost and Virgin Mobile prepaid brands to Dish Network for $1.4 billion.
  • Adderton is doubtful of Dish remaining committed to serving Boost customers, as the satellite TV provider is focused on building its own 5G wireless network.

Peter Adderton, founder of Boost Mobile, has expressed interest in buying back the prepaid wireless brand from Sprint. Speaking to Reuters on Monday, Adderton said that he would pay up to $2 billion for Boost Mobile, significantly higher than what satellite TV provider Dish Network is paying for Sprint's prepaid brands.

T-Mobile and Sprint are expected to sell Boost and Virgin Mobile brands to Dish Network for $1.4 billion. Along with the two prepaid wireless brands, Dish Network is also buying some wireless spectrum for $3.6 billion. However, Adderton still sees an opportunity to make the offer, as T-Mobile and Sprint are currently re-negotiating the terms of their merger agreement.

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Adderton believes that the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint would end up harming lower-income consumers, as it would result in prices going up in the future. He also questioned Dish's commitment to Boost customers, as the company has said that it plans to build its next generation 5G wireless network.

Adderton had founded Boost Mobile in Australia in 2000 and brought the brand to the U.S. roughly a year later. In 2004, Boost Mobile sold its U.S. business to Nextel, which was then acquired by Sprint in 2005.

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