This Bluetooth FM transmitter on sale for $16 has 3 USB ports and a large screen

Wish your car had Bluetooth? Or maybe you know about Bluetooth FM transmitters already but you've got something else taking up your cigarette lighter port? I understand that pain. There are only so many things you can hook up inside your car, especially in older models that don't come with fancy things like built-in USB ports. Well, the Zeeporte Bluetooth FM transmitter can solve some of those issues, and right now it's down to just $15.74 when you combine the code D5K8T5UJ with the 5% off on-page coupon on Amazon. The transmitter normally sells for $21 and has never dropped from that price directly.

Connect to your cigarette lighter. Get tons of information on the 1.8-inch screen. Add three USB ports including one Quick Charge port. Play music via Bluetooth through your car's stereo. Even make and receive phone calls thanks to built-in mics.

Plug the transmitter directly into your cigarette lighter. The base that plugs in has two USB ports built in, and one of those ports has Quick Charge 3.0 tech. QC 3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0 so if you have a device with Quick Charge, it will get the maximum charging speed possible. The other port can charge at the same time, and the smart IC can detect what's plugged in to provide the best current.

Above the ports is a large 1.8-inch LCD screen. You'll find another USB port conveniently located on the side of the screen. That's three total ports for you to take advantage of. The screen is big enough to display all the relevant information you need while still being small enough to not provide a distraction while driving. See who's calling you, what music you're listening to, your car's battery voltage, the FM frequency, and more.

You don't need to just use Bluetooth to listen to your music, either. The transmitter can read microSD cards up to 32GB or plug in a USB thumb drive up to 32GB. You can also connect through the aux port.

The metal neck is flexible and can rotate 360 degrees. Find the perfect viewing angle or make sure the transmitter's screen isn't in the way of other car functions. It also has a built-in mic so you can do hands-free phone calling.

John Levite
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