Blossom wants to make your sprinkler system smarter

Everything wants to be smarter at CES this year, including sprinkler systems. If you have a sprinkler system connected to your home, you know that managing the included system takes a strangely significant chunk of time, unless you just leave everything on timers and let whatever happens next happen. Smarter sprinkler systems offer the ability to automate a lot of the scheduling and planning from maintaining a sprinkler system, and Blossom's system for accomplishing this goal is one of the better examples out there today. The hardware installs easily for most people, but it's the app that really makes this worth checking out. Blossom keeps an eye on weather patterns to adjust your sprinkler schedule, and allows you to manage individual zones in your lawn with user-managed focus areas, and photos of those zones can be added to make things easier to modify as you go along.

Russell Holly

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