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What you need to know

  • Blink is launching a new smart home security camera and a couple of accessories.
  • The company launches its first video doorbell with up to two years of battery life.
  • Blink Outdoor gets a few accessories, including a floodlight and solar panel mount.

While Amazon has quite a few smart video doorbells from its popular Ring brand, it's now expanding its offerings to its other home security brand, Blink. On Tuesday, the company revealed Blink's first video doorbell as the latest addition to its smart home security offerings.

The new Blink Video Doorbell features a sleek design, a 1080p video camera with night vision, and an easy wire-free setup. When powered by two AA batteries, it can last up to two years when used with the Sync Module 2, which saves video locally with a USB drive. Or, you can go for a wired setup to connect to your home chime, and the Blink Video Doorbell can be used with one of Blink's subscription plans for cloud storage.

Blink Video DoorbellSource: Amazon

Like many of the best smart doorbells, Blink Video Doorbell will alert you when someone approaches your door and features two-way audio so you can speak to them directly from the app. It also connects to other Alexa-powered devices in your home for notifications and voice commands.

The doorbell comes in two colors and is on preorder now for just $50.

In addition to Blink's first video doorbell, the company also launched two new accessories for the Blink Outdoor cam, including a new motion-triggered Floodlight and a new Blink Solar Panel Mount, which can continuously power the camera. Blink Outdoor cam snaps right into each of these mounts and gives that tiny camera some new functionality.

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The new Blink Floodlight mount shines 700 lumens of LED-powered light when motion is detected, enabling excellent-quality color video from a Blink Outdoor camera, even at night. Pairing Blink Outdoor with the Solar Panel keeps your camera going practically forever thanks to the Sun's rays.

Blink Floodlight Mount can be preordered from Amazon today for $40, and Amazon is selling a bundle with a Blink Outdoor camera and the Floodlight Mount for $140.

Alternatively, a bundle with a Blink Outdoor camera and Blink Solar Panel Mount can be preordered from Amazon for $130.

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Blink's first video doorbell has all the best features you might expect from an Amazon company, including connection to Alexa-powered devices and long battery life.

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