BlackBerry is working with AT&T to expedite a software fix for the 'No Service' issue on Priv

If you're a Priv owner on AT&T who has been struck with the 'No Service' bug that has been affecting some AT&T Privs since mid-September, you'll be pleased to know there has been some movement towards fixing the issue.

The root cause for this issue has been identified, and a solution will be made available shortly as BlackBerry is working with AT&T to expedite the release of a software fix. As soon as this is available the knowledge base article will be updated, as well as this thread so everyone is aware.

Unfortunately, considering the amount of time it has taken for a fix to come out, some folks have already moved on from their Priv as the numerous workarounds and device restarting became too much. Still, if you hung onto your Priv and are waiting for a definitive fix to come through, it shouldn't be much longer now.

You can keep an eye on the BlackBerry Knowledge Base article to see when it gets updated or we'll let you know when the fix is released. Now if only Verizon would pull their head out of the ground and release the Marshmallow update.

Chris Parsons