BlackBerry Vienna

You didn't think BlackBerry wasn't working on something old-school, did you? The Priv is all the rage among those who live and die smartphones for a living (though whether anyone's actually buying it remains to be seen, especially since BlackBerry is taking its sweet time shipping it) — and so it makes perfect sense that we'd start seeing an old-school candybar-style phone making the rounds at some point.

Enter the BlackBerry Vienna. That's likely a code name, and what you see here might well not be finished product. (We're hearing that a more squarish display might be in the cards, and we can't caution BlackBerry enough against physical buttons.) But these renders — which take us all the way back to the days of the Motorola Charm (yikes) — do show one interesting feature: Several textures.

Plus, ya know, that keyboard.

So it's early days yet. Maybe this'll be a thing, and maybe it won't. But for sure it'll get those excited to see BlackBerry back in the game talking again. The question may be whether a return to the form factor that pretty much everyone left behind years ago can make a resurgence.

Source: Crackberry

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