BlackBerry and Google announce new partnership for Android in business [Updated]

BlackBerry and Google have announced a new, enterprise-focused partnership. The two companies are working together to marry BlackBerry's BES12 enterprise device deployment service and new security features in Android 5.0 Lollipop for increased mobile security, better device management, and easier deployment of enterprise apps for Android devices.

BES12 already comes with support for Lollipop, and features like end-to-end security, global support, and the ability to lock down certain assets on any corporate device are already built-in. With this new partnership, BES12 will also integrate with Google Play for Work, with increased focus on application management.

From BlackBerry:

New features are now available through Android and BES12 that enable organizations to further secure enterprise and personal data on Android devices, set new levels of hardware based encryption, and ensure tight integration with Google Play™ for Work, for increased application management, while delivering a consistent end-user and management experience across their Android fleet.

This announcement follows recent reports of a possible Android-powered BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry will release more details on its partnership with Google at a later date. For now, you can sign up for more information at the link below.

Correction - This post regrettably requires some clarification as it's not a new partnership at all. In the midst of all the Android rumors floating about along with the recent BES12.2 news which, brings integration with Samsung's KNOX Workspace, Android for Work, and Apple Device Enrollment Program, the Google page hosted by BlackBerry was updated and mistaken for a recent announcement when, in fact, these announcements were made previously.

Source: BlackBerry

Joseph Keller