Adding a 4K monitor to your battlestation makes an enormous difference, though the cost of all those extra pixels can be restrictive. However, thanks to these killer Black Friday deals, you can save hundreds on a snazzy new UHD display. Be warned: once you go with 4K, it's hard to go back to anything else.

4K PC Monitor Black Friday Deals

Samsung UE590 — Save $140 at Best Buy

If you're interested in some gaming features, Samsung's 28-inch UE590 4K display is a tempting choice. It has a 1ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate, with brilliant color and contrast. AMD's FreeSync tech is included if you're looking to pair it up with an AMD GPU, allowing for further reduction of screen tearing. Connect with HDMI or DisplayPort, and even mount the monitor thanks to VESA 75mm x 75mm compatibility.

Samsung UE590

This 28-inch 4K gaming monitor with impressive specs is available at a price closer to what you'd usually pay for 1440p.

Samsung UR590C — Save $100 at Best Buy

When sitting in front of a large monitor, a bit of a curve can help see everything on the display, and it also ups the immersion factor. Samsung's UR590C is designed with business purposes in mind, complete with 1500R curve, ridiculously thin bezel, and stunning color and contrast. It has a 4ms response and a 60Hz refresh rate, and you can connect with HDMI and DisplayPort. The pronged stand allows for tilt adjustments.

Samsung UR590C

Check out Samsung's UR590C for a huge 31.5-inch curved 4K monitor with productivity work in mind.

LG 32UD60-B — Save $160 at Amazon

LG's 32-inch 4K monitor is great for those who prefer no curve to their display. It's a gaming monitor with AMD FreeSync technology to reduce screen tearing, and it's outfitted with a 4ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate. Color is superb here, hitting 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The stand adjusts for height and tilt, and you can connect with HDMI or DisplayPort.

LG 32UD60-B

This enormous Acer 4K monitor with FreeSync tech is best for those who prefer no curve to their gaming display.

LG 27UL600-W — Save $130 at Best Buy

If 32 inches is just a bit too big for your gaming needs, LG's 27-inch 4K option is probably a better choice. It has a slick silver stand that allows for tilt adjustments, and you can connect with HDMI or DisplayPort. This display is DisplayHDR 400 certified, and it hits 99% of the sRGB color gamut. AMD FreeSync tech provides buttery-smooth visuals, and you get a 5ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate.

LG 27UL600-W

HDR support, AMD FreeSync, and a 4K panel with stunning color make this a solid choice for any gamers who think 27 inches is perfect.

ASUS ProArt PA329Q — Save $363 at Best Buy

The 32-inch ASUS PA329Q is a 4K monitor with professionals in mind. It's packed with premium features, including 100% Rec.709, 100% sRGB, 90% DCI-P3, and 99.5% AdobeRGB color accuracy, and it has a 14-bit LUT for impressive color range. The response time is 5ms for a smooth picture, and there are a ton of extra goodies that makes design and development work easy right out of the box.


If you're a professional focused on design and development work, this 32-inch 4K display likely has the features you need.

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