Best cases for Oculus Quest 2024

To properly protect your Oculus Quest when traveling or even at home, you'll need one of the best Oculus Quest cases. Most importantly, the Quest lenses need to be shielded from sunlight at all times or risk permanent damage to the interior screen (think of a magnifying glass burning an ant). Beyond that, something can easily fall into the headset and scratch the lens if you're not careful — and the Quest has a lot of small accessories that are hard to keep track of unless stored in the same place. So whether you want a compact travel case for your Quest and controllers or a larger storage case with space for all your VR peripherals, our list below will do the trick. 

The best cases for Oculus Quest

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Take your Quest on the go

The Oculus Quest is extremely portable, but just stick it or your Touch controllers in a backpack or suitcase, and you're liable to have a scratched lens or broken component at some point. The best Oculus Quest cases keep all of the components secure on the go and give you a single place to stick all of your favorite Oculus Quest accessories at home. Which you choose will depend on how much you want to spend, what you want to squeeze inside besides the headset and controllers, and how rough you plan on getting with this case.

The most well-rounded case on this list is the Yinke Hard Case. This case features a hard shell to keep your Quest from getting banged up during travel, and is easy to carry. Yinke also throws in some handy extras like an accessory bag, velcro straps, and lens covers to keep your Quest looking shiny and new.

While not the most affordable, the battle-hardened Casematix carry case will get most people through even the worst drops. With a stylish, heavy-duty exterior, the Casematix case will protect your Oculus Quest against dust and water, as well as drops straight onto the hardest surfaces.

Now that your Quest is safely portable, you can easily play the best Oculus Quest games wherever you go (or at home)! By the way, if you're looking for the best Quest 2 cases instead, we have a strong selection for the newer headset as well.

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