Best Travel Cases for Oculus Quest Android Central 2019

The Oculus Quest is perfect for traveling and taking VR on the go. It doesn't require any external sensors and provides completely untethered virtual reality. You can easily fit everything you need inside of a small carrying case and bring the Oculus Quest to a party or on vacation. But aspects of the Oculus Quest are sensitive, most notably the lenses which need to be procted, especially during transport. These cases all provide protection for your headset, Touch Controllers, and some have extra space for the accessories that you need to bring with your device like spare batteries.

Universal fit: Navitech Rugged Backpack

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This backpack is designed to fit a wide range of VR headsets, including the Oculus Quest. It has multiple compartments so you can store your headset, controllers, and any other accessories in the bag. It also has pouches for wires and other smaller components.

$35 at Amazon

Perfect fit: Oculus Quest travel case

This is the official travel case for the Oculus Quest. It's a soft shell case with enough room for your headset, Touch Controllers, charging cable, and adapter. The compartment of the case that holds the Touch Controllers keeps them separate from the headset, which helps protect the lenses.

$40 at Amazon

Heavy duty: Navitech Heavy Duty Rugged Hard Case

This case has a simple design. It's a separated large compartment that can store your headset and Touch Controllers. It also has a mesh pouch on the inside of the top half of the bag to store cables and other accessories.

$25 at Amazon

Extreme protection: CASEMATIX 18" XL VR Headset Case

This is an extreme case that will protect your Oculus Quest from a wide range of risks. It has a waterproof O-ring seal, a hard outer shell, and foam inserts to keep your headset and accessories in place. The foam blocks can be removed and rearranged to cater the fit to your specific needs.

$70 at Amazon

Waterproof and customizable: Apache Watertight Protective Hardcase

This rugged case is a more budget-friendly option for those who want extreme protection. It's IP65 watertight and dust tight, and it has customizable foam inserts that let you make the case fit your needs.

$25 at Amazon

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The Oculus Quest is extremely portable, great for travel, and a fun device to bring to parties. But it has components that are sensitive, such as its lenses. To keep it protected when you're on the move, you'll want to make sure to use a good case.

We recommend the Navitech Rugged Backpack since it is an extremely versatile travel backpack with different compartments inside of it. It has enough room for your headset, Touch Controllers, and any accessories you need, such as extra batteries.

If you need heavy duty protection, you should look at the CASEMATIX 18" XL VR Headset Case. It's more expensive but has a waterproof O-ring seal and is impact resistant. The inside of the case has customizable foam that lets you fit the case to the device and accessories that you'd like to bring with you.

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