Best Touch Display for your Kano Computer Android Central 2021

It's always nice to have a great display on your monitor, but what really sets you apart from the rest is having a touchscreen monitor. While having a touchscreen isn't always necessary, it can be helpful for accessibility purposes, as well as greatly increase the speed in which you can use your computer. Here, you'll find a fantastic variety of displays, as well as superb response times.

Perfect for the Raspberry Pi: Gechic 1303A 13.3" Portable Monitor

This is an easy set up for your Kano Computer, as it works perfectly with the Raspberry Pi with zero lag and a portability that's hard to pass up. The touchscreen is quick and responsive, and it even comes with a detachable cover that'll protect the screen while it isn't in use.

$190 from Amazon

Multi-touch: Planar 24 LCD Touchscreen Monitor

Despite the price, the Planar Touchscreen Monitor is most definitely worth it. With an optical and multi-touch screen, it seems just the right product for those who like to be creative and put substantial effort in every tiny detail. It also comes with an adjustable display angle, allowing you to create no matter how you're positioned.

$225 at Walmart

Nice and quick: Acer T232HL LCD Touchscreen Monitor

Flicking through web pages, zooming in on images, and interacting with your favorite apps has never been easier. You'll be able to paint and edit, and it's all thanks to the Windows 8.1 touch. Its rapid 5ms response time also highlights just how quick you're able to use the display.

$216 at Walmart

Dynamic: TOGUARD 10.1 Touch Screen Monitor

While the TOGUARD doesn't officially come with a stylus, it's cool to know that you're able to equip one with this touch display. The TOGUARD requires 4-step calibration before its touch screen can be used, though any inaccuracies with the touchscreen can also be configured through the driving system on the monitor. Response time is also less than 20ms.

$140 at Amazon

Make it yours: Dell P2418HT 23.8 Touch Monitor

What it doesn't have in portability, this Dell touch display makes up for its speedy response time of 6ms. Lag? That's old news. With the Dell touch display, navigating can really be done in a pinch, snap, slide, and of course, a tap. With its adjustable stand, it's also super easy to angle your display screen in whatever way you want.

$285 at Amazon

Elecrow Monitor Display IPS Touch Screen

Not only does this monitor support touch screen in 10 different points, but it also supports Raspian. That said, you need to set the resolution of the LCD by yourself, or else the LCD screen will not work.

$300 at Elecrow{.cta .shop}

High resolution, high quality

These displays are some of the best out there, with a range of sizes that gives you the option to pick and choose what you want for your Kano Computer. They have fast response times, a variety of connection ports so that you can use the monitor with anything you'd like, and much more. My personal favorite? It has to be the Dell P2418HT 23.8 Touch Monitor for its great response time, its easy setup, and comfortable matte surface.

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