Best Pixelbook Sleeves Android Central 2021

The Google Pixelbook is a very expensive Chromebook with an amazing display, fast internals, and a gorgeous design. That means you'll definitely want to protect your investment by slipping it into some kind of case our sleeve. Here are the ones we like.

CAISON Laptop Sleeve Case

All you need: CAISON Laptop Sleeve Case

Staff pick

Want a sleeve for your Pixelbook that gets the job done without being overly complicated and won't break the bank? CAISON has an option that might be perfect for you. The water-resistant nylon material used for the sleeve looks and feels great while giving the sleeve a good, simple aesthetic. You'll also find a small pocket on the top to hold onto your phone or other belongings.

$14 at Amazon
Bellroy Pixelbook Sleeve

The premium choice: Bellroy Pixelbook Sleeve

Bellroy's Pixelbook Sleeve is one of the select sleeves recommended and sold by Google itself, and it's definitely one of the best you can buy. With a design custom built specifically with the Pixelbook in mind, Bellroy's sleeve has a great design, is built well, and even has a loop for securely holding the Pixelbook Pen. To cover your purchase, Bellroy includes a 3-year warranty against any accidental damage.

$89 at Amazon
AmazonBasics Felt Laptop Sleeve

Felty goodness: AmazonBasics Felt Laptop Sleeve

The AmazonBasics brand covers a ton of different categories, including laptop sleeves. This one features a rich felt exterior that comes in two colors (Charcoal and Light Grey) with a soft suede interior to keep your Pixelbook safe and secure. You'll also find two additional pockets on the back along with a small accessory pouch on top of the main laptop compartment.

$13 at Amazon
Official Google Pixelbook Sleeve

Straight from Google: Official Google Pixelbook Sleeve

Google's "official" Pixelbook sleeve is the most expensive on our list. We need to mention that right up front because it's a lot of money for a microfiber sleeve. But you have to admit it's one of the nicest microfiber sleeves you'll ever see. Similar to the Bellroy sleeve, this is designed just for the Pixelbook. In other words, it fits like a glove and can even accommodate the Pixerlbook Pen. This sleeve isn't cheap, but it's awfully nice.

$100 at Google Store
Mama Mouth PU Leather Folio

Leather beauty: Mama Mouth PU Leather Folio

Once again, we have another sleeve designed to work specifically with the Google Pixelbook. Like some of the other sleeves we've talked about so far, that means it fits the Pixelbook perfectly. Mama Mouth offers this sleeve in a variety of colors and patterns (eight to be exact), and while the leather is synthetic, it still looks and feels fantastic. Plus, for as cheap as it is, you really can't go wrong.

$12 at Amazon
Plemo PU Leather Sleeve

Envelope: Plemo PU Leather Sleeve

Although it isn't designed specifically for the Pixelbook, Plemo's laptop sleeve is a great alternative to what Mama Mouth is offering. Plemo is also using faux leather material, though the envelope design is considerably different. It's unique, eye-catching, and will definitely help you stand out at the coffee shop. It also gets points for being water resistant and having a strong velcro strap.

$19 at Amazon
Tomtoc UltraSlim Sleeve

More than enough space: Tomtoc UltraSlim Sleeve

Although this wasn't created just for the Pixelbook, Tomtoc's sleeve is meant to work with it, Surface laptops, and Apple's 13-inch MacBooks. Around back, you'll find another compartment that can be used for storing your phone, a small tablet, and more. The design is a winning mix of style and durability

$20 at Amazon
ProCase Laptop Sleeve Case

Has it all: ProCase Laptop Sleeve Case

Next up, we have this pick from ProCase. For storing your Pixelbook, you'll find a soft lining on the inside with extra padding to keep your precious child safe at all times. There's also a front storage pocket, durable zipper, and an extendable hand strap to make transportation as easy as possible.

$20 at Amazon
AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

Just the basics: AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

Here we have another laptop sleeve from AmazonBasics, and while it's not quite as functional or stylish as the other one on this list, this is a solid choice if all you want is something that does the basics at a super low price. You have your choice of five different colors, it features a very slim profile, and a durable zipper keeps your Pixelbook closed up without any issue.

$11 at Amazon

If we had to choose

Out of all these sleeves for the Google Pixelbook which ones do we recommend the most? While you can't go wrong with any of them, I've got to give the upper hand to the CAISON Laptop Sleeve Case. It may not be the absolute most premium option out there, but considering its build quality, function, and price, there's not much of anything to dislike. If you want to stay within a similar price range but prefer a faux leather sleeve, the Mama Mouth PU Leather Folio is also great.

On the opposite end of the price spectrum, you can go all out and splurge for the Official Google Pixelbook Sleeve. The value proposition is questionable, but there's something to be said about buying first-party accessories.

Similarly, the Bellroy Pixelbook Sleeve offers a premium experience (if not more so than the official slseeve), costs a few dollars less, and has a distinctly different design some people might prefer over Google's overly simple aesthetic.

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