Best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

There are a lot of options for Galaxy Note 5 screen protectors available, but choosing the ones that offer a good fit with exceptional protection is key. The feedback on our Galaxy Note 5 forums and across the web suggest that even the most popular brands, including ZAGG and BodyGuardz have the possibility of adding the dreaded halo — a milky border around the edges of a screen protector that doesn't lay flush on the display.

Since the Note 5's display has a slight curve towards the edges, this known issue is why we're seeing different cuts with different manufacturers. These five Galaxy Note 5 screen protectors have proven to work fine, however, when applied with patience and precision.

Read on: Best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Spigen Full HD PET Screen Protector

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It's not tempered glass, but it'll certainly do the trick. Spigen's Crystal Screen Protector fits the display of the Galaxy Note 5 perfectly, retaining clear visibility and brightness. There are cutouts for the front-facing camera and home button at the bottom, leaving the rest completely protected from scratches. Included are 3 PET films for the Note 5's display that apply without any messy liquids — just a simple, dry installation.

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ZAGG Glass Screen Protector

ZAGG's made the cut with their tempered glass protector for the Galaxy Note 5, measuring only 0.33mm in thickness. When applied, you keep optimal touchscreen sensitivity and clearity while resisting natural skin oils with its nano-coating. With a 9H hardness rating, the ZAGG Glass kicks screen protection up a notch when compared to a standard PET film. ZAGG's limited lifetime warranty covers you if your glass protector ever gets worn or damaged while you own your Galaxy Note 5.

Buy for $34.99 from ZAGG

Yootech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Slightly thinner than the previous option is Yootech's Tempered Glass protector, a custom-fit glass shield that measures 0.26mm in thickness with a 9H hardness rating. Designed with rounded edges, this screen protector features an oleophobic coating that helps to resist fingerprints, smudges, and natural skin oils. Its also shatterproof, eliminating any chances of your cutting our finger if the tempered glass takes a heavy hit. Yootech offers a lifetime warranty as well, offering a replacement or refund if the protector doesn't fit your Galaxy Note 5 properly or there are any unremovable bubbles after installation.

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BodyGuardz Pure Glass Screen Protector

Another excellent option is the BodyGuardz Pure Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 5. Although it's a bit pricier than the others we've selected, you're always getting a quality protector with these guys. The exceptional clarity and touchscreen sensitivity of this pure glass protector ensures you're safe from nasty scratches and impacts to the display. Included is a microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol wipe and a single tempered glass protector for the display of the Note 5.

Buy for $44.95 from BodyGuardz

Ailun Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Last up is the Ailun tempered glass protector for the Galaxy Note 5 that features a thickness of 0.33mm and an amazing clarity after its installed. There's an oleophobic coating on the glass itself that repels fingerprints and smudges. Its precise fit on the Note 5's display looks as if there's nothing at all protecting against the common scratch. The best feature of the Ailun glass protector is its unbeatable price for its level of protection. If you're on a budget, but want to go the tempered glass route — this is the one to scoop up.

Buy for $4.99 on Amazon

What Galaxy Note 5 screen protector are you using?

Those are five screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 5 that should do you right in warding off annoying scuffs and scratches. Bear in mind, no matter what protector you decide on, there will be others that don't have the same experience. Applying a screen protector takes a fair amount of patience, especially on a larger display like the Galaxy Note 5. If you're not confident in nailing it the first time, have someone that's seasoned apply it for you.

Those of you already rocking a screen protector on your Galaxy Note 5: let's hear what you're using and how it's working for you in comments below!

Brent Zaniewski