Best Samsung Galaxy A12 cases 2024

Introduced in December 2020, the Samsung Galaxy A12 remains a solid device featuring a 6.5-inch screen, 48 MP camera, and 5,000mAh battery with fast charging. At just 8.9mm thin, it's an entry-level phone that won't rival some of Samsung's more premium models, like the Samsung Galaxy S20, but it's a great phone for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. It's a reliable smartphone for a teenager, an elderly family member, or even a secondary phone. Regardless of who it's for, protect your smartphone with a case. These are the best Samsung Galaxy A12 cases you can get.

Which Samsung Galaxy A12 case should you choose?

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It's no surprise that many of the best Samsung Galaxy A12 cases are quirky, fun styles and designs that would appeal to the younger crowd. That's because, given the price and feature set of the phone, it falls on the entry-level side of things. So, chances are, it'll be the phone handed over to a teen or tween or used by someone who doesn't need premium features and wants a basic device.

Given the phone's amazing cameras, chances are it'll be used just as much as a digital camera as it is as a phone. And even though I'm not a Disney fanatic, the OptiCase Minnie 3D Camera Ring Grip Holder is totally adorable and looks really cute when holding the phone up to snap photos. It gives you that retro-feel while also serving its primary purpose: to protect your device.

But the Milomdoi Case checks all the boxes, including military-grade protection, soft TPU, tempered glass screen protectors, a built-in kickstand, and a reasonable price.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 might not be one of the best cheap Android phones, but it's a solid entry-level option worth considering, and a case is a must to grab with it.

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