Best Raspberry Pi 3B+ Cases Android Central 2020

A Raspberry Pi is a sensitive electronic device. We tend to forget that when we're making it do all sorts of tasks or even just making lights blink, but it's a computer and subject to the same dangers as any other. Putting it inside a case is a must! Here are a few of the top recommended cases to put your Raspberry Pi 3 B+ in to keep things from shorting out.

Active cooling: Miuzei Rapsberry Pi 3 Model B+ Case

Staff pick

Your Raspberry Pi can get hot when you're playing games or streaming HD video. This case from Miuzei was built to keep things cool, even if you've put your entire setup under the TV or inside a media cabinet.

$11 at Amazon

Heat Sink: Flirc Raspberry Pi Case

The Flirc Raspberry Pi case not only looks good but is a great heatsink. Built from solid aluminum with its own thermal pad integrated, this case is an excellent supplemental cooling solution.

$12 at Amazon

Crystal clear: KuGi PC protective case

If you want an inexpensive option that still protects your Raspberry Pi and looks great, this crystal clear case from KuGi fits the bill. It even comes with two heatsinks should you need them!

$7 at Amazon

Things just got serious: GeeekPi Raspberry Pi Cluster Case

If you're working on a project that needs multiple Raspberry Pi boards, this 4-stack cluster case from GeeekPi supports the new 4 B as well as the 3 B+, and it comes with heat sinks and a cooling fan. That's hardcore.

$25 at Amazon

The OG: Raspberry Pi Foundation Case

This Raspberry Pi case was designed by the Raspberry Pi foundation to fit the exact specifications of the Pi 3 B+. It's solid, easy to assemble, and the red/white look is a nice touch.

$13 at Amazon

Lego!: Building Block Compatible SmartiPi case

You can build your own case out of Lego bricks, but this kit from SmartPi also includes a Raspberry Pi Camera case and a GoPro mount. That takes a Lego enclosure to the next level.

$10 at Amazon

No Frills: Sunfounder ABS case

Sunfounder has been making quality Raspberry Pi accessories for years, and its no-frills ABS case protects without trying too hard to do anything else.

$7 at Amazon

Princess in another castle: Retroflag SuperPi case and accessories

If you're building a retro-gaming console with your Raspberry Pi, you need the right case. This SNES-inspired case from Retroflag is the right case and comes with a USB controller.

$25 at Amazon

All-in-one: Neego Case with official 7-inch Raspberry Pi LCD

The Raspberry Pi Foundation makes a 7-inch LCD designed for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, and you'll find it in the box with this all-in-one case from Neego. Includes everything you need plus a high-demand power supply.

$90 at Amazon

Something for everyone

As you can see, there's a case for your Raspberry Pi that completes the look of any project. Keeping things protected might be the primary goal, but you can't deny the appeal of having things look great, too! I'm partial to the Miuzei Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Case because I like knowing active cooling is there if I need it. And if I don't, I can omit it by unplugging one wire.

If you're using a Raspberry Pi to build a cool retro-gaming console, there is no denying that Retroflag's SuperPi case has the right look. More importantly, it has the right layout so that your Raspberry Pi can offer front-facing controller connections, a working LED, and switches in a familiar place. It also comes with a controller so you're ready to play as soon as you turn the last screw.

If you just need a case to protect the Raspberry Pi from harm (or a curious pet) the Sunfounder ABS case is a no-frills option that only costs a few dollars. You won't have to worry about damage and if you're not showing it off, the plain styling is perfect.

No matter what you're looking for, one of these cases should fit right in.

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