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Best platformer games for Android 2022

Sword of Xolan next to a steel series bluetooth controller
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A lot of you probably remember the heyday of the platformer. Whether it was Super Mario Bros or even classic Metroid, this game style has been around a long time, and it has aged incredibly well. We still see awesome platformer games like Trine and Hollow Knight to this day. 

The point, however, is that "platformer" isn't really all that definitive. All it does is describe how the game in question plays. All of that aside, this style of game translates exceptionally well to mobile, and you'll find that any one of the entries in this list are wonderfully fun additions to your Play library.

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Bubble Tale

Bubble Tale: Bunny Quest is a delightful platformer reminiscent of older Kirby games. But with its candy color palette, soothing soundtrack, and cute characters, you might underestimate how challenging the game actually is. As a whimsical lil' bean of a player character, you traverse the world around you using only your jump and bubbles abilities. Jumping on top of a bubble gives you an extra high jump, so a lot of the game's mobility—and secrets—are tied to your bubble powers.

Your bubbles are also your only form of defense against the world's foes, serving as a one-shot kill once they absorb an unlucky baddy. There are, of course, coins that you can collect throughout each level, along with a few marks of pride like hidden treasure chests and special stars. Treasure chests help you unlock more characters, but they all function the same way, so this feature is purely for aesthetics.

Bubble Tale's virtual controls are surprisingly tight (and adjustable), so as long as you're not missing inputs you should be able to execute some precise platforming. Gameplay can be unforgiving, so you may find yourself having to give levels a few solid tries before you finally make it to the end.

All in all, Bubble Tale is great quality platforming in a super cute package that almost anyone can enjoy. It's only two bucks to own, or Play Pass subscribers can snag it for free.

Candy-colored platforming wrapped in surprisingly tight controls, Bubble Tale will remind you of Kirby in the best way.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night

Source: Google Play Store (Image credit: Source: Google Play Store)

The mobile platform has given many older games a chance to shine once more, thanks to their low processing requirements. There are many classic titles on the Play Store, like KOTOR and some of Sega's stuff, but the one we really want to highlight is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It's one of the absolute best platformers you can find for Android phones right now.

Symphony of the Night was an important game in its day, and its influence is still felt in the aptly named Metroidvania genre. It shaped subsequent Castlevania games and inspired many other greats that followed it. The mobile version has been updated with touchscreen controls, achievements through Google Play Games, and it features all of the latest content additions and fixes. It's not only a great game but also an excellent value.

For just $3, you can experience a fantastic piece of gaming history that will keep you entertained for many, many hours. It sure is awesome to see this game be available to a whole new audience.

Symphony of the Night is available on Android and it's one of the best platformers. Seriously, give it a try.

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Dadish 2

"Bring Your Kid to Work Day" can be a real pain, as Dadish 2 well knows. Taking the pixelated 2D side-scroller to stunning new heights, this painfully cute platformer continues the adventures of our titular dad radish as he rescues his missing children from all kinds of shenanigans.

The color scheme and hilarious themes of Dadish 2 are big selling points, with sassy radish children and fast-food-themed baddies galore. You even get to ride on a sunglasses-wearing hamburger for crying out loud. There are 50 levels to traverse with controller support for those who want it, although the native controls are good enough that you might not need one.

There are collectibles to suss out and unlockables to discover to keep you coming back for more. Dadish 2 may not do anything revolutionary with its established gameplay style, but if you enjoyed the first Dadish, there's no way you won't get a kick out of this new installment in the series! It's free to play with ads, but you can also pay $2.99 to remove ads.

Dadish 2 continues the perilous adventures of a dad radish on his quest to rescue his many children. Who knew parenthood would be this hard?

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Yet another beautiful game, Dandara, is an excellent Metroidvania platformer. What makes Dandara unique is that you manipulate gravity to leap off walls and ceilings. It features all the classic signs of a Metroidvania, and it was pretty well-received on the PC and console releases.

Dandara is a very fast-paced game where you work to save the world of Salt. The citizens are critically oppressed, so it's up to you to save them. The game just received an update called the Trials of Fear, which adds three new areas, another boss, power-ups, and more.

For $6, you get one of the best modern Metroidvanias on Android. I think you'll enjoy this gem of a game.

An awesome Metroidvania, Dandara is another great game on the Play Store. It's got a ton of content and is well worth the money and time investment.

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Dan the Man

Dan the Man is a throwback to classic platforming beat-em-ups. You can play as the titular Dan the Man, and you embark on an adventure that's funny and witty. Run and jump your way across obstacles, bash enemies with your combo abilities and pick up weapons, and battle epic bosses.

Though extremely fun, Dan the Man does suffer from the usual freemium nonsense. Ads play at the end of each level, and you can buy additional gold to level up your character's abilities faster. It's not surprising, but you should be warned before you head into this game. It's kind of a bummer, really, because I enjoy the game.

Check out this retro-styled action-platformer that's only held back by its monetization strategy. Otherwise, it's a lot of fun and worth trying.

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Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a 2D Metroidvania platformer that's intensely difficult and extremely popular. Some have even likened some of its elements to the Soulsborne franchise, though it's more of a rogue-like Metroidvania than Souls-like. I digress. It is one of the best indie games of the last decade, and it was big news when it came to Android.

It's hard to find anything truly wrong with either the game itself or the Android port. You get to choose between touchscreen controls or a Bluetooth controller, and then you're off to the races. You will die, and death is permanent, so you'll have to start all over again when you do get beaten down. It can be brutal, but that's part of the fun.

If you're looking for hours upon hours of fun, Dead Cells is a great game to pick up. You may want to bang your head against the wall sometimes, but the sense of accomplishment when you conquer something is delightful.

Dead Cells has come to Android, and it's awesome. This is one of the best games available on the Play Store right now.

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Downwell is a retro-styled roguelike that is extremely challenging. It features a steep learning curve as you learn how to defeat the enemies and determine which weapon upgrades work best for your play style. The goal is to survive as you fall deeper and deeper down the well. 

Unfortunately, there are no in-app purchases, save points, or continues, so when you die, you must start at the entrance of the well again. Since your character is falling, enemies and shops come from the bottom-up, so you need to be strategic in your freefall, so you don't accidentally land on an enemy and lose a heart. 

You unlock several different styles through repeated play, which give you certain numbers of hearts at the start, change the way end-of-level upgrades work, and slightly alter the way your sprite falls down the well.

Downwell is a tough-as-nails retro roguelike game where you strap on a pair of gun boots and blast away enemies as you fall further down the well. How far can you make it?

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At this point, I feel like I've talked up Grimvalor a lot. It's my favorite game on Android right now, and it's a great platformer. It sports excellent combat, slick movement, and both onscreen controls and gamepad support. Being an RPG, you get progressively more powerful as you go along. Good thing, too, because your enemies will also be improving.

I also enjoy the serviceable story. If you ever played Demon's Souls, it reminds me of that a bit. All told, the world is hellbent on seeing you fail, but take up your sword and fight on anyway. Most of the time, the odds are against you, and it's up to your skill to see yourself through.

The first act, which is at least 1 to 2 hours of gameplay, is free to play as a demo. After that, it's $7 to unlock the full game. It's definitely worth it.

Grimvalor is one of the best platformers on Android, and it's a ton of fun. Enjoy the free demo, great gameplay, and controller support.

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An exceptional homage to the 80s in look, sound, and straight-up style, Huntdown is a wild action-arcade platformer reminiscent of legendary titles like Contra. Choose to walk in the shoes of one of three bounty hunters—Mow Man, Anna Conda, or John Sawyer—as you blast, hack, and smash your way through a city terrorized by powerful gangs.

Each bounty hunter has a jump, dash, and shoot button, in addition to one special weapon of choice (kunai for Mow Man, throwing axes for Anna Conda, etc.). You maneuver through the levels using a virtual d-pad and buttons for each action. The touch screen controls aren't perfect, and the game does support Bluetooth controller connectivity, but it's still serviceable without the aid of a controller. 

Each level is relatively short, but the difficulty level will likely keep you in place for a little longer than you might expect. Each level has a boss waiting for you at the end and taking them down unlocks the next level, rinse and repeat.

There are 20 bosses in Huntdown, each with their own gang and signature style. This nostalgia-chasing title has mohawks, leather, motorcycles, and neon galore, and man, does it feel good. The synthwave soundtrack is A+, and the cheesy one-liners from enemies and protagonists alike make it that much more memorable. 

This premium game's first two levels are free, and the whole game costs $8.99 after that. The high quality and addicting gameplay make this purchase easily worth the cost, and you're bound to have a raucous good time with Huntdown.

Get a hearty dose of 80s action in your life with Huntdown, a fast-paced, difficult arcade platformer that will test your limits and challenge you to keep going.

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Leo's Fortune

You know what's missing from Android gaming? Extremely excellent mustaches. You know what Leo's Fortune has? If you guessed mustaches, you're darn right. Leo's Fortune is an oldie but goodie, where traditional platforming meets fun physics. 

Leo, a bodiless puffball with eyes and a mustache, has had his fortune of gold stolen and he must journey across the land to recover it. As a puffball, Leo can inflate and deflate himself to either enter into a slow glide or smoosh himself small enough to fit in tight spaces. 

It makes for some tight mechanical plays and intriguing puzzles, without being too difficult in either regard. Normally $4.99, this premium title is available for free to Google Play Pass subscribers. 

Traditional platforming gets a neat twist thanks to the physics of being a puffball in Leo's Fortune. 

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Alright, so what if you wanted to train delivery robots on navigating different "real-life" circumstances they might come across in their delivery duties? Cool, then you have Levelhead. There's a nice campaign of 90+ levels for you to enjoy, a speedrunning mode, and unlockables. It's fun, quirky, cute, and a great game for the asking price.

But wait, there's one more thing that makes Levelhead even more of a standout platformer, and that's the level creator. You can create your own grueling gauntlets full of traps and hilarity for others to try, or you can download the things other people have made to try to torture you. You'll even come across some really creative levels, too!

Levelhead is a ton of fun and worth the several dollars it costs (unless you have Play Pass, in which case it's free). Think of it like the Android version of Mario Maker that Nintendo will never make. Oh, and it features cross-platform sync if you buy it on other platforms, too.

Levelhead is a platformer and level creator all in one amazing package. Play the challenging campaign, create your own levels to share with the world, or try others' levels.

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Ah, Limbo. A wonderfully creepy and sometimes horrifying game, Limbo had to be on this list of the best platformers. It is worth picking up based on its uniqueness alone, assuming you can handle its quirks. If you've played it before, you know what I'm talking about.

The art style is utterly amazing in its minimalism. The shadowy look makes everything feel alien and creepy, especially when you encounter some of the monstrosities. It made the hair raise on my arms more than once — I do not in any way like spiders.

It's a disturbing game, but in the right way. It certainly leaves an impression and one you won't soon forget. Limbo is a masterpiece in its own right, and it's an excellent experience on Android. There's also a free demo if you want to try it out first.

Limbo made a name for itself with its creepy and disturbing atmosphere. It can be downright horrifying, but it's worth it.

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Nameless Cat

Journey alongside a lost kitty on its quest to be reunited with its owner in this adorable, challenging platformer. Nameless Cat has a lot going for it: 3 worlds and 40 increasingly tricky levels, extremely cute 16-bit graphics, an emotionally charged story, and a gorgeous soundtrack to back it all up. 

Nameless Cat needs very little additional explanation; it's a rock-solid mobile platformer that any fan of games adventure platformers will almost certainly enjoy.

Nameless Cat is free with ads and in-app purchases, which include the option to purchase an ad-free version. Just trust me on this one. If you loved legendary indie platformer Celeste, you're going to want to give Nameless Cat a try.

An adorable, emotional quest for a lonely little kitty. Nameless Cat is a top-tier platformer that belongs on any platforming fan's list.

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Ninja Arashi

Though many platformers require skill, Ninja Arashi turns things up a notch and pushes you really hard. It's a challenging game, full of traps and enemies who want nothing more than to see you fail. However, the gameplay is smooth and super fun, with a nice skill ceiling.

It's no secret I love challenging games, so when I found Ninja Arashi, I was thrilled. It killed me a lot when I was working on learning it, but I had a blast once I got the hang of it. Much like challenging games on consoles or PC, this one gives you an intense feeling of satisfaction when you conquer what it throws at you.

To add more fuel to the fire, Ninja Arashi also features some light RPG elements that make it even more interesting. It's a great game, and it's free-to-play. So if you like a challenge, try it out.

Become a ninja in Ninja Arashi. Fight through enemies and traps to ultimately save your kidnapped son.

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One of the most beautiful games on this list, Oddmar is an absolute treat. The level of detail is incredible and gorgeous, even more considering it's a mobile game. I haven't been this blown away since I first played Ori and the Blind Forest. While they're different presentations, Oddmar is just that great.

As a game, Oddmar is a fairly typical 2D platforming adventure. Levels are relatively linear, but there's a nice variety of enemies, puzzles, and obstacles to keep you entertained. There are even bonus levels to mix things up.

Oddmar, like Grimvalor, sports a free demo before you pay the $5 asking price to unlock the full game. Touchscreen controls are superb, but there's also gamepad support if you prefer that route. Oddmar is up there as one of the best games on my phone right now.

Experience this gorgeous platformer for a small entry cost. You'll be glad you did.

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Ordia is a vertical-scrolling platformer where you play as a green and gooey life form that needs your help making its way through a hazardous new environment. You start each level in a green pool and must slingshot your little buddy towards other friendly green launch points, which it will automatically glom onto if your aim is true.

The game's control scheme feels a bit like Angry Birds, especially since you're slingshotting your character. The levels are cleverly designed to require precise aim to avoid getting destroyed by the world's deadly red flora and fauna. New elements are introduced as you progress through the 30 levels set across three unique worlds.

Ordia is a cute, colorful platformer that you can try out for free or buy in full for just $1.99. It's a perfect little time-waster with hours of gameplay ideal for casual sessions.

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Rayman Adventures

Like the Sega Forever titles and Symphony of the Night, Rayman is a long-standing franchise, one I kind of remember playing years ago. I always thought the protagonist was a bit odd, so the much younger me wasn't that interested. Still, it's a series loved by many, so Ubisoft brought it to Android.

Rayman Adventures has been around for a little while, but it deserves a spot on our list here. It's a fun sidescrolling platformer that hearkens back to its roots. Available for free, Adventures features lots to do, multiple playable characters, and plenty of action.

Controls aren't super tight, which is a bummer for a platformer. Once you get used to them, though, they're fine. Rayman Adventures, being a free-to-play game, has in-app purchases for some game items. Sad to see Rayman monetized like that, but it's a fun game nonetheless.

Rayman Adventures is a fun platformer that evokes memories of Rayman Legends. It's free, but there are IAPs.

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Sega Forever (platformers)

Sega has an impressive catalog of games available on Android, but not all are platformers, so we'll be focusing on the ones that are. Of course, my personal bias is to point you toward the Sonic the Hedgehog titles (especially Sonic CD), which are hours upon hours of fun — seriously, Sega, where's my Sonic the Hedgehog 3? Bah, I digress.

Among the best Sega Forever games, there are plenty of classic non-Sonic platformers like Kid Chamelon, The Revenge of Shinobi, and Super Monkey Ball. While Sega Forever didn't start the best, each of the games I've since tried in recent months have been varying levels of pretty great.

Another wave of nostalgia, Sega sure knew how to cash in on our childhoods (or younger years, depending). And if you never got to play these games on their respective platforms or in the arcade, now's a great time. Sega used to be a massive name in the gaming landscape, and though it's diminished nowadays, its catalog is still an excellent way to spend some time and experience gaming history.

Experience some of Sega's old catalog through the Sega Forever program. Some of the best platformers ever made are here in this collection.

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Super Cat Tales 2

Cats are ubiquitous across the internet. As an owner of two myself, I know that it's rarely a boring moment with feline friends around — unless they're sleeping, that is. Anyway, probably the cutest platformer on our list, Super Cat Tales 2 is an epic adventure starring Alex the cat and his pals. Seriously, I really like this one.

Though simple in appearance, Super Cat Tales 2 offers a lot of adventure and platforming to keep you entertained. There are also achievements, leaderboards, hidden items, great pixel art, and retro-style music. You can unlock new playable cats and take them on this wild ride of an adventure to save Cat Land.

It's all fun and it doesn't take itself seriously at all. It's an excellent game for fans of platforming, cats, and/or both. It's also free-to-play, so you don't have to worry about diving in on the cat craziness.

Join this hilarious cast of cats as they embark on an adventure to save their home. It's worth playing for the pixel art alone.

Download from: Google Play Store (opens in new tab)


If you liked Grimvalor, one of our earlier suggestions, then you'll want to check out Swordigo. They're very similar games, which is totally fine with me. Though Swordigo is new to me, I'm having a blast with it. It features fun platforming, enjoyable combat, and RPG mechanics to improve your character as you go along.

You'll have to find more powerful weapons to take down your enemies. The more dangerous the area and enemies, the better weapons you will find. There are also spells to discover, bolstering your arsenal to take on new challenges. One thing that won't hinder you is the touchscreen controls, which are excellent and customizable.

Swordigo presents a nice challenge, though not nearly as much as Grimvalor. It's still worth your time, and it's free to start it out with ads, but a mere $1.49 to remove those ads. There are also other support options for a few cents more.

Enjoy another great hack-and-slash platformer with Swordigo. Strengthen your character and find new weapons and spells.

Download from: Google Play Store (opens in new tab)

Sword of Xolan

Despite its rough English, Sword of Xolan is a fantastic platformer. Its pixel art is on point and it plays quite well. There's plenty to do here and the game is completely free and ad-supported. You can pay a very small fee and remove the ads, though. Otherwise, you have one of the best games on this list.

You play as Xolan, a young hero who stands against this game's big bad guy. You'll be asked to slay devilish enemies, save captured citizens, and find hidden treasure chests. You can expect 30 levels, some time challenges, and a few bosses. You can also chase cards to improve Xolan's skills and achievements.

Sword of Xolan is great. The touchscreen controls are decent, but they're also customizable. Better yet, there's gamepad support. A mere $0.99 will remove the ads, and that's a small price to pay a developer who put out a great game.

Follow Xolan as he strikes back against the evil in the world. Experience the combat and enjoy the pixel art while you're at it.

Download from: Google Play Store (opens in new tab)

Update April 2022: Added Leo's Fortune to our list!