Oddmar's fun gameplay makes it an awesome platformer [Android Game of the Week]

Oddmar Gotw Hero
Oddmar Gotw Hero (Image credit: Android Central / Jordan Palmer)

Amidst all of the violent games I play, I sometimes like to take a break and play something cute that is also fun. Oddmar is one of my go-tos in that fashion; it's an adorable platformer that's heavy on the endearing cuteness while also being a solid game all around.

Oddmar ticks all of the checkboxes for me. It's a fantastic platformer, it supports Google Play Games cloud saves, you can use a Bluetooth controller, and you get to try out the game for free before unlocking the full experience. Seriously, if only all mobile games were this good.

In this game you play as the eponymous Oddmar, a disgraced Viking who never really quite lived up to his full potential. He meets a fairy who gives him special powers associated with a certain mushroom. Yep, it's a story about a Norseman high out of his mind... or is it?

Unlike, say, Symphony of the Night, Oddmar is quite linear in design. That's not usually something people like to hear, but in this game's case, it's definitely not bad. See, the art and environment designs are so good that you'll barely notice. Not to mention the great enemy variety, challenges to complete, and short puzzles to solve. Oddmar's journey may be forward, but it's not boring.

Much like the Sonic games of old, there are hidden stages. These Valhalla-inspired hallucinations may have something to do with the mushrooms, I don't know, but they offer a small change to the gameplay. These quick-scrolling bonus levels help change things up in case you're somehow bored with the main game.

It's a story about a Norseman high out of his mind... or is it?

What else does Oddmar do? Well, I'm glad you asked. The touchscreen controls are absolutely top-notch, to the point where I didn't want to bother getting out my Xbox One controller, slotting my phone into the holder, and pairing them before playing. Oddmar's controls are so good that you forget the need for an external controller, but support for them is there in case you want them.

It comes down to two simple motions: swipe side-to-side and swipe up/down. That's all there is to it. Oddmar will move left or right, jump, or attack, depending on what you've inputted. I wish all platformers had controls this good.

Finally, Oddmar gets the premium model right. It's not unique in this fashion — Grimvalor is another favorite of mine that does this — but it's rare to see in this industry. You get the first chapter for free, and once you've fallen in love with the game, it's just $5 to unlock the rest of the experience. I love this model and really wish more mobile developers would adopt it. Guess the freemium model is more attractive.

So that's Oddmar. Go ahead and give it a try; you have nothing to lose. And when you're done here, be sure to check out our roundup of the best Android games. Or, if you want to check out our past Games of the Week, we have a nice backlog for you.

Jordan Palmer